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Vote for Montreal’s Top Team Europe Line

The Habs have had many notable international players suit up for them over the years. Several were from countries that haven’t had a lot of NHL representation. We’ve combined them into one group so you can vote for your all-time Canadiens Team Europe top line.

Montreal’s All-Time Finnish Line

While Finland has produced quite a few NHL players, not many of them have suited up for the Habs.  Nonetheless, there have been a few that have stood out amongst the crowd and earned your votes as Montreal’s all-time Finnish line.

Montreal’s Backup Goalie Challenge

Montreal’s signing of Vasili Demchenko last month has put their backup goalie situation back into the spotlight.  It’s an area that they clearly need to improve upon but there is one big limitation that they have to deal with that limits the type of goalie they can target.

Writers Weigh In: Future Hall of Famers

The Habs have had many players reach the Hockey Hall of Fame over the history of the franchise. Among those that have played for the Canadiens this season, will any of them make it there? Our writers offer up their thoughts and predictions.