Author: Brian La Rose

Chief Editor

Chief Editor

2024 Memorial Cup StatTracker

The Memorial Cup will take place from May 24th through June 2nd in Saginaw. This year, the Habs will have one representative as Owen Beck will suit for the host side. As always, we’ll keep track of his stats here.

Sign or Release: Jared Davidson

June 1st is an important date on the calendar for many teams and prospects as it represents a signing deadline for several players to be signed. The Habs have four of those players but only face a hard decision on one of them, Jared Davidson.

2024 World Championship StatTracker

The 2024 World Hockey Championship is now underway and will run through May 26th. Despite missing the playoffs, the Habs don’t have many regulars playing in this event but will have five representatives in total. As is tradition, we’ll keep track of their stats here.

Montreal’s Key Summer Defensive Decision

It’s well-known by now that the Canadiens have a surplus of defenders and that there’s a wide expectation they’ll deal from that. Justin Barron might not be the one being dealt but the decision they make on him should set the stage for a good chunk of their offseason plans.