Author: A Concerned Fan

Koivu Seals Canadiens’ Victory

The Canadiens eked out a victory tonight against the Sabres – a victory won mostly in the second period. During this second frame, the home side forechecked vigorously, continuously hit the Sabres, and were all over the visitors like ants on a sugar pile

Habs, PVR Lose to Sens

At least for the first two periods, the Canadiens played with the Senators. Playing against one of the top teams in the NHL, the Habs were in it right to the end of the second and were only behind because of some mental errors.

Is Kovalev a Long-Term Solution?

There are many questions surrounding Alex Kovalev and his tenure in Montreal. He’s been the centrepiece of the Habs resurgence late this season, but his issues for much of the rest of the year have baffled and frustrated many fans, and presumably the sta