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HabsWorld Podcast – Episode 46

The Canadiens 2015-16 season is finally over, and the HabsWorld gang of Norm Szcyrek, Jonathan Rebelo and Paul Macleod performed their post-mortum of the team. Topics included the mishandling of Carey Price, the mismanagement by Montreal’s coaches, the future of P.K. Subban, and more.

HabsWorld Podcast – Episode 44

HabsWorld hosts Norm Szcyrek, Jonathan Rebelo and Paul Macleod suffered from deja vu, talking about the Carey Price re-injury and its impact on the Habs, as well as the impact of the Brendan Gallagher & other Habs injuries.

HabsWorld Podcast – Episode 42

The first HabsWorld podcast of the 2015-16 season was hosted by Norm Szcyrek and rookie co-host Paul Macleod. The guys were talking about the red-hot Canadiens team record breaking winning streak of 9 games, going into some detail on why they’ve been so successful.

HabsWorld Podcast – Episode 40

The second round of the playoffs have begun, and the HabsWorld podcast gang discusses the Montreal-Tampa Bay series, Carey Price and P.K. Subban’s trophy chances, and the other second round matchups as well.