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The Habs have a few more hours before they’re required to set their cap-compliant season-opening roster.  Their roster movements earlier in the day will help to set that roster.  Here’s a rundown of what has happened so far.

There were still a couple of cuts to be made and with only two players going on waivers on Sunday, we knew those were going to come from the waiver-exempt players on the roster.  Those cuts were defenceman Mattias Norlinder and Emil Heineman.

Both players showed well in the preseason but they were the logical two to get down to 23.  Heineman doesn’t really fit well in a reserve role when he’s a young prospect so playing in Laval makes more sense.  Meanwhile, Norlinder could still stand to work on his defensive zone play although it’s possible his demotion is a paper one as it makes more sense for Montreal to have Justin Barron on their season-opening roster than Norlinder as Barron has more bonuses in his deal.

At practice, the team lined up as follows:

Caufield – Suzuki – Anderson
Newhook – Dach – Slafkovsky
Pearson – Monahan – Gallagher
Harvey-Pinard – Evans – Ylonen

Matheson – Savard
Guhle – Kovacevic
Xhekaj – Harris

Meanwhile, the 2 PM ET waivers came and went without any activity coming from Montreal.  Both Joel Armia and Gustav Lindstrom cleared waivers, allowing them to be sent (or papered) to Laval in the coming hours.  While there were four waiver claims league-wide, none of them came from the Canadiens.