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The second round features many names that were ranked in the first round when these were first published earlier this season. Recency bias being what it is, some of these are likely to be selected in the first round regardless, but some notables should absolutely slip to the second round. That’s good news for the Habs who have picks 37 (2nd round) and 69 (3rd round) ready to roll. 

Picks 1-16
Picks 17-32

#33 – Charlie Stramel – C – University of Wisconsin (NCAA) 

Mid-season rank: 22

Outlook: Big-bodied forward with limited puck ability but a high floor, much like Snuggerud last year. Likely goes higher than this rank.

Habs? At 37, sure. Not before. 

#34 – Bradley Nadeau – C – Pentiction Vees (BCHL) 

Mid-season rank: 47

Outlook: Small body uses his hockey IQ to create. 

Habs? Not for me. They are likely to have selected a smaller player with one of their first two picks and playing in the BCHL takes a lot of shine away for me.

#35 – Oliver Bonk – RD – London Knights (OHL) 

Mid-season rank: 45

Outlook: Has similar strengths and weaknesses as Jordan Harris but in a bigger body.

Habs? Would be an excellent pick for them in the second round, if he makes it there. 

#36 – Michael Hrabal – G – Omaha Lancers (USHL)  

Mid-season rank: 35

Outlook: Top-ranked goaltender is often linked to the Habs in this general area of the draft.

Habs? Personally, I don’t think picking a goalie through the draft matches their compete timeline. I know it’s a popular option, but I don’t see it. At least not this early.

#37 – Koehn Ziemmer – RW – Prince George Cougars (WHL) 

Mid-season rank: 31

Outlook: Big frame who likes to score in tight quarters. High floor, limited ceiling player is likely in the first round in other years. 

Habs? Sign me up. if all that’s left are smallish wingers with unlikely upside, I’d take a swing here instead.

#38 – Oscar Fisker Molgaard – LW – HV71 (SHL) 

Mid-season rank: Not in the top two rounds

Outlook: Speed to burn and a good hockey IQ, needs to work on his shot.

Habs? Not in the top two rounds as he appears to line up with an organizational strength, not a need. 

#39 – Gracyn Sawchyn – C – Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL)  

Mid-season rank: 60

Outlook: I featured Sawchyn at mid-season as a strong candidate for an early third-round pick for the Habs. He’s climbed up enough to make that less probable, but as a smaller skilled centre, it could still happen. 

Habs? As mentioned, this is an excellent boom or bust selection with pick 69. Sounds a bit like a crazy gamble that isn’t worth it at 35 though.

#40 – William Whitelaw – RW – Youngstown Phantoms (USHL) 

Mid-season rank: 36

Outlook: Undersized but a never-ending motor. Needs to improve defensively, not much he can do about his 5’9 frame. 

Habs? No.

#41 – Tanner Moldendyk – LD – Saskatoon Blades (WHL) 

Mid-season rank: 42

Outlook: Jack of all trades still searching for that offensive breakout to cement his ceiling. He was still playing second-pairing minutes this season though. 

Habs? Plays a position they don’t need and appears to be a bit of a project. Pass.

#42 – Luca Cagnoni – LD – Portland Winterhawks (WHL)  

Mid-season rank: 43

Outlook: Undersized offensive defenceman. 

Habs? Same answer as Molendyk.

#43 – Caden Price – LD – Kelowna Rocket (WHL) 

Mid-season rank: 27

Outlook: Big mobile and a good puck handler, but he lacks sorely in consistency, but his floor should be high, a safe pick. 

Habs? Another LD, and one that’s a safe pick so he’s unlikely to be able to shift the landscape at a position of strength in the Habs depth charts.

#44 – Theo Lindstein – LD – Brynas (SHL) 

Mid-season rank: 44

Outlook: Excellent shot and good positioning when he has time. He lacks the ability to make those good decisions when under pressure, which isn’t promising on a smaller ice surface in the NHL.

Habs? Same answer as Price.

#45 – David Edstrom – C – Frolunda (Liiga) 

Mid-season rank: Not in the top 2 rounds

Outlook: A late riser thanks to an excellent U-18 tournament. Big centre who does everything well without being overly flashy about it. 

Habs? I’d consider him at pick 69.

#46 – Nick Lardis – RW – Hamilton Bulldogs (OHL) 

Mid-season rank: Not in the top 2 rounds

Outlook: Late riser thanks to excellent showing once he was moved away from the Petes onto a team where had much more opportunity.

Habs? This is a consideration. Showed promise when given the chance, will need time to develop, but plays a position where that opportunity might present itself down the road.

#47 – Luca Pinelli – C – Ottawa 67’s (OHL) 

Mid-season rank: 41

Outlook: Small but intelligent centre who projects as a winger at the next level. Tons of skills, but this is really a home run swing as it’s questionable whether it’s translatable.

Habs? Another small forward with skill. I like the home run potential of this player. Am unsure if the Canadiens are the right fit for him.

#48 – Hunter Brzustewicz – RD – Kitchener Rangers (OHL) 

Mid-season rank: 32

Outlook: Top scoring defender from the OHL in this year’s draft, he needs to work on his gap control.

Habs? I liked this player a lot when I ranked him mid-season. I am disappointed to see him drop. His issues remain on the defensive side of the puck, but his drop suggests that he was exposed and perhaps didn’t adapt. I’m not sure.

#49 – Trey Augustine – G – USNTDP Juniors (USHL) 

Mid-season rank: Not in the top 2 rounds

Outlook: Had his stock rise all season long. Aggressive goaltender who can be vulnerable to lateral play when he overcommits.

Habs? No. 

#50 – Cameron Allen – RD – Guelph Storm (OHL) 

Mid-season rank: 26

Outlook: Bad team, bad situation, and he tried to do too much. Bad year all around. Rebound candidate? I think so.

Habs? Was a projected first-round pick at the start of the season. If Montreal thinks this kid can rebound after a bad season, I’m on board. Potential steal here.

#51 – Noah Dower-Nilsson – LW – Frolunda HC J20 

Mid-season rank: 37

Outlook: Lethal shot and he drives the net well. Everything else is a work in progress.

Habs? Scores and drives the net but needs a lot of work. I like the upside here if he slips to the third round.

#52 – Anton Wahlberg – C – Malmo Redhawks (SHL) 

Mid-season rank: Not in the top 2 rounds

Outlook: Strong compete level and awareness, but it’s unsure whether he’ll be able to put it all together and make it at the NHL level.

Habs? Smallish centre that didn’t really stand out to me.

#53 – Maxim Strbak – RD – Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL)  

Mid-season rank: 46

Outlook: Big physical defender who needs to work on puck skills.

Habs? The next Romanov? Hopefully they let him slide to them in the third round if they are intrigued by this player.

#54 – Etienne Morin – LD – Moncton Wildcats (QMJHL) 

Mid-season rank: 63

Outlook: Plays in all situations and works so hard that coaches play him in all situations. Needs to improve foot speed.

Habs? This pick screams Marc Bergevin. However, with Matheson, Hutson, and Harris on the team, Morin could be a nice backup plan should Mailloux not pan out.

#55 – Kalan Lind – LW – Red Deer Rebels (WHL)  

Mid-season rank: 48

Outlook: Ball of energy who loves to play physically. If he doesn’t pan out offensively, he has all the tools to become an excellent bottom-6 player.

Habs? Low-risk play that likely becomes a fan favourite in a hurry. I don’t mind this pick at all.

#56 – Timur Mukhanov – C – Omskie Yastreby (MHL) 

Mid-season rank: 52

Outlook: Typical playmaker here who has the intelligence and ability to make passes but will always be limited defensively due to his small frame if he can even make it in the NHL. A home run swing pick for sure.

Habs? Don’t reach as I’m never super high on players in the MHL, but if he falls to 69, it might be worth the gamble.

#57 – Beau Akey – RD – Barrie Colts (OHL) 

Mid-season rank: Not in the top 2 rounds

Outlook: Strong skater and puck mover, much development is needed away from the puck.

Habs? Don’t see the fit.

#58 – Danny Nelson – LW – USDP 

Mid-season rank: 50

Outlook: His shot and his deceptively good skating (edgework) mask his habit of falling asleep at times.

Habs? I’ll pass on Hoffman 2.0.

#59 – Carson Bjarnason – G – Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL) 

Mid-season rank: 53

Outlook: Highest ceiling of draft-eligible goaltenders, though Augustine did pass him in the rankings and Hrabal has always been the safer pick. Goaltenders are always so weird which apparently holds true in draft rankings.

Habs? If both Augustine and Hrabal go in the second round, jump on Bjarnason in the third. Heck, pick him there even if the other two are still available.

#60 – Alex Ciernik – LW – Södertälje SK J20 

Mid-season rank: 38

Outlook: Harder to teach skills are all there from skating to shooting to puck control. Strength, defensive reads, and overall play away from the puck all need work.

Habs? He was ranked much higher before, so if he continues to fall, he’s likely a strong option in the third round.

#61 – Carson Rehkopf – LW – Kitchener Rangers (OHL) 

Mid-season rank: 51

Outlook: Prototypical power forward with good feet, hands, and willingness to get dirty. He has an awesome shot too, he just had to figure out how to deliver it every game.

Habs? Another player that has fallen with a disappointing ending to the season for his OHL team. Interesting if he can be had at 69.

#62 – Denver Barkey – C – London Knights (OHL) 

Mid-season rank: 59

Outlook: Super small player who shies away from contact but makes great plays when he has the puck.

Habs? I can’t get away from the “shies away from contact” evaluation. Pass for me.

#63 – Roman Kantserov – LW – Stalnye Lisy (MHL) 

Mid-season rank: 62

Outlook: Another small player who is not playing at the highest level available to him and the questions around him are offensive.

Habs? I don’t think I pick this player if he’s available in round 4. I think some scouts love to counter the love of NHL teams for size and just want to see the little guys get good rankings.

#64 – Mathieu Cataford – RW – Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL) 

Mid-season rank: 55

Outlook: High floor player as he loves to engage physically and should make it as a bottom-6 at minimum. Who knows what more opportunity might unlock as he transitions to a go-to guy in Halifax next year.

Habs? Steal alert and one that might be a more realistic opportunity at 69. A player from home, too. Let’s go!