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For the second day in a row, the Habs have signed one of their OHL prospects as they announced that they’ve inked defenceman Logan Mailloux to a three-year, entry-level contract.  The breakdown of the deal is as follows:

2022-23: $750,000 NHL salary, $92,500 signing bonus, $82,500 games played bonus, $70,000 AHL salary
2023-24: $750,000 NHL salary, $92,500 signing bonus, $70,000 AHL salary
2024-25: $750,000 NHL salary, $92,500 signing bonus, $70,000 AHL salary

Mailloux was Montreal’s first-round pick back in 2021 (31st overall) on the heels of him asking teams not to select him following his pleading guilty to taking and distributing a sexual photo without consent while playing in Sweden.

The OHL suspended Mailloux for roughly half the season and when he did return, he suffered a shoulder injury in his 12th game, resulting in him missing the rest of the year.  To that end, he rehabbed in Montreal this summer which Kent Hughes alluded to in his comments about the move.

“This is a decision that we have thought through carefully. Having Logan around members of our team and hockey operations staff for a good part of the summer allowed us to gain a greater appreciation of Logan Mailloux the person. He has an opportunity to affect positive change and we will work to support him in any effort towards that goal. Logan recognizes the impact of his gesture and of course, the process continues.”

Technically, Mailloux is still in camp with the Canadiens but that’s because he’s still injured, not that he’s going to have a chance at making the team.  He’s expected to be cleared to return in the next couple of weeks at which point he’ll be sent back to London of the OHL where he’s expected to play a significant role with the Knights.  As long as he doesn’t play in ten NHL games this season, his contract is eligible to slide and begin in 2023-24 where it will still have three years remaining.

Mailloux’s Stats: