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It appears that the Habs will not be escaping unscathed from the coronavirus pandemic as a report from Arpon Basu of The Athletic notes that at least three players have reportedly tested positive for the virus in recent days.

None of the players with positive tests were identified nor is it likely that their identities will be known, at least officially.  The team won’t release that information as they’re not permitted to by the league.  Instead, the NHL will continue its weekly releases with the number of positive tests without any mention of specific players or what teams they’re from.  (That will soon also be the case for any injuries as teams won’t be allowed to disclose injury info as of Monday.)

However, the Canadiens will be releasing their training camp roster on Monday.  The players that have tested positive will likely be on there as the Habs clearly plan to have them on their roster.  (Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there.)  Anyone who isn’t at practice in the days ahead could be the possible positive tests as it seems likely that those players will be quarantined for a little while yet regardless of when they tested positive.  (To be fair, anyone that’s missing also could be injured which is why the league isn’t going to release the injury information to avoid exact situations like this.)

The report certainly helps put into context the decision from earlier on Sunday that stated that Max Domi’s arrival is on hold for the next 7-10 days to better assess the situation.  Knowing that he is at greater risk of a significant repercussion if he contracts the virus and now that there are multiple positive tests makes the rationale for that call much clearer (and was certainly the right call).