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Welcome to HabsWorld’s annual draft pool. The draft will be held on June 23rd and 24th in Chicago. The Habs are slated to have the 25th overall selection. Make your guess as to who the Canadiens will select as well as who the rest of the league will select in the first round on Friday night.


Picks 1-6: 1 point for each correct selection
Picks 7-15: 2 points
Picks 16-24: 3 points
Picks 25-30: 4 points

Bonus: 1 extra point to pick(s) selected by the Habs

Additional notes:

– Your predictions are associated with the rank of selection, not with the team.

– Players are sorted by the final ranking from NHL Central Scouting. If your prediction at a certain selection isn’t on the list, select “Other” at the end of the drop-down list.

– Duplicate answers: If you chose Nolan Patrick for all 30 teams, you’ll obviously get it right once. Duplicate selections aren’t void so don’t worry if you accidentally select somebody twice, you won’t be penalized. However, we encourage you to double check your picks to ensure your points potential is maximized.

– Visit the NHL Central Scouting website for more information on the prospects.

– The deadline for selections is 6:00 PM EST on draft day (Friday, June 23rd).