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Saturday, July 1st at noon EST marks the official beginning of the free agency period although teams began to talk with pending UFA’s as early as this past Sunday.  As usual, a flurry of activity is expected with a pair of Habs near the top of the list of best available. Make your predictions on who lands where in our free agency pool.

Scoring for the pool is simple. For each correct guess, you get two points. If you correctly select a player to go to the Canadiens, you get a bonus point for a total of three. However, if you pick a player to sign with the Habs and he has not signed with them as of 11:59 PM EST on July 31st, you will lose a point. (You will not lose any points for any other incorrect answer.) The pick deadline is 11:00 AM EST on July 1st, one hour before free agency officially kicks off. Scoring will be finalized as of 11:59 PM EST on July 31st; all unsigned players at that point will be classified as ‘other’. Max one entry per person.

Players will be removed from the list if they officially sign prior to the pool deadline. Those who entered early and correctly guessed that players’ signing/re-signing will still receive credit for their points.  Good luck!