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January began on a positive note, with Brendan Gallagher returning from injury and the Montreal Canadiens emerging triumphant from the Winter Classic game.  But that elation was short-lived; for the second straight month, the Habs could only muster up 3 wins, and they plummeted down the NHL Standings. Their 3-7-1 record was the worst in the league, and despite regularly outshooting and out-possessing the opposition, the Canadiens and their fans began to face the reality that a playoff berth would be far from a given.

What has been perhaps the most disheartening throughout this disastrous slide, is that the Canadiens appear to be playing good hockey for the most part; they simply can’t capitalize on their chances and their defensive mistakes have proven costly.  Despite all of that, some Montreal players have looked good, and their efforts have been a bright spot in what has been a very, very dark month.  Habsworld would like to know which Canadiens most merit the honour of the HW 3 Stars.  Make your selections from the drop-down boxes before February 6th.  Please only vote once per player; multiple entries will be discarded.

Here are January’s statistics: