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It has been quite the busy week for the Habs with several newcomers joining
the team over the past few days.  The first of those new acquisitions was
P-A Parenteau, who was acquired on Monday in exchange for Daniel Briere. 
Our writers have assessed the deal and the verdict is unanimous, the Habs look
like the early winners of the trade.

Simon Aronson: Briere for Parenteau is an excellent trade for
the Canadiens! Briere simply did not have a role on the team. He was not a legit
top-6 forward nor particularly effective in a bottom-6 role. The Habs basically
pick up one more year at $4 million dollars with Parenteau as well as a 5th
rounder, but now have a right winger that capable of playing in the top-6 if all
goes well. Montreal just got younger, bigger and faster with this trade while
exposing themselves to very little risk with only the one additional year on
Parenteau’s contract. All in all I liked Briere but he was simply not a good fit
and I think I speak for most Hab fans when I say well done Marc Bergevin!

Brian La Rose: When Parenteau was a free agent a couple years
ago, I was hoping the Habs would stay away.  I wasn’t convinced that he
could still produce if he wasn’t playing alongside John Tavares who helped
resurrect his career.  Parenteau has shown that he can still potentially be
a top six forward or at worst, a third liner with some offensive upside. 
Briere showed last season that he can’t be that and Michel Therrien wasn’t
likely to give him any more of a chance in 2014-15.  There’s some risk
associated with picking up a player with knee issues with an extra year on his
contract but the potential reward is worth it.  Right wing was a huge area
of need for the Habs this offseason, this pickup really helps shore things up on
that side.

Alex Létourneau: Great move by Bergevin picking up a younger
player, and a 5th round pick, for a player that Therrien simply didn’t trust.
Full credit to Daniel Briere for being a complete professional about his uneasy
season in Montreal and, while he did have his moments, he didn’t live up to the
brass’ expectations. So, the veteran from Gatineau, Quebec gets traded for
Parenteau, from Hull, Quebec. They have the same salary, with Parenteau’s
contract running through the 2015-16 season while Briere’s would be up after
2014-15. In Parenteau the Canadiens are getting a bigger winger, who’s coming
off an injury riddled campaign, with some ability to generate offence. The
Canadiens got bigger, younger, and added production for a veteran whose best
days are behind him and add a 5th rounder to boot. Good bit of business by the

Matt Macaskill: This is a great deal for the Habs because
Bergevin managed to steal a 5th round pick in 2015 for taking on Parenteau’s
two-year term versus Briere’s one. Briere was regulated to the Habs fourth line
under Therrien and it was unlikely he’d have improved on that next year.
Parenteau is a natural RW and he should surpass Briere’s output with
considerable ice time among the Canadiens’ top nine forwards. It wouldn’t be a
stretch to think that Parenteau will also equal, if not improve, on Gionta’s
offensive contributions last year as well. There are some questions going into
the season as to whether or not P.A. can regain his form after dropping off in
Colorado. He’ll have healthy competition from Montreal’s young right wingers in
the system which ought to motivate him.

Kevin Meldrum: The trade for Briere was a very good one.
Parenteau can score 20 plus goals, has decent size and playmaking skills, and
can be a valuable addition that could help the PP. Add in a another 5th round
pick where the Habs seem to find nothing but gems to give them potentially two
again this year and it’s a strong deal for the Habs.

Norm Szcyrek: I am not unhappy with this trade, since the the
two teams are essentially trading their problem children. Briere was next to
useless in the regular season. He has good hands in tight, but he has no speed
left, and gets pushed off the puck easier than a Novice level hockey player. He
did bump up his play somewhat in the playoffs, but did not quite hit his
previous point-per-game average with Montreal. From what I read, Parenteau
wasn’t fitting into Patrick Roy’s top-6 last season, and knee injuries limited
his playing time. When he was with the Islanders, he greatly benefited from
playing on the Tavares line, excelling in that role. He is also a natural RW,
which is an area the Habs need to shore up. Although Parenteau has two years
left on his contract versus Briere’s one season, he stands a better chance to
improve and contribute than Briere. I believe the Habs will "win" this trade,
especially since a 5th round pick was thrown to them in the deal.