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Having too many healthy forwards is a luxury that the Habs haven’t had much
in recent years but with Travis Moen’s impending return to the lineup, they find
themselves in this situation heading into Round 2.  Should he immediately
be re-inserted into the lineup?  If so, who should he replace?  Or is
it best to leave the winning combos together and Moen in the press box? 
Our writers offer up their thoughts on what to do with Moen.

Matt Dilworth: I’d have to think that Bournival comes out of
the lineup, barring any other injuries, when Moen returns. The young forward has
done no wrong, but despite his footspeed, Moen’s game is an upgrade in all
departments. Moen is able to play more significant minutes and is part of a
great penalty-killing duo with Plekanec, and although his fighting isn’t quite
as impressive anymore, he deserves a place in the roster.

Brian La Rose: I was of the mindset that Brandon Prust needed
to come out of the lineup late in the Tampa Bay series and that’s still my
opinion here, at least for Game 1.  Michael Bournival has earned a chance
in the opener and with Moen’s penalty killing abilities, he needs to be in
there.  Yes, the Habs need some toughness against Boston but to be honest,
I don’t want Prust fighting given his recent penchant for getting hurt.  It
shouldn’t just be one person coming out for the whole series, however. 
Montreal would be wise to rotate their fourth liners a bit to keep them all
fresh but I don’t want to take Bournival or Dale Weise out just yet which makes
Prust the odd one out.

Alex Létourneau: No one. I’d role with the same lineup for game
1 even though it’s Boston. If the physical game is lacking, I guess I’d pull
Michael Bournival, only based on size, not performance. All in all, I would
expect Michel Therrien to stick with what brought the team success. If the game
plan falters, then introduce Travis Moen back into the lineup.

Kevin Meldrum: Right now I would keep the same lineup.  I
like Bournival’s/Weise’s speed/grit. Moen is tough a good man on the PK and a
great teammate and I am sure at some point he will be in the series but I
believe to beat Boston you have to use Montreal strengths, speed and puck

Norm Szcyrek: I would leave Moen in the press box to start then
evaluate the decision after game one.  With Montreal facing Boston with the
Bruins playing their typical thuggery style, then Moen’s going to suit up before
long though.

Our posters on the HW Forum also appear hesitant to make any changes at the
start of the series.

DON: Moen will likely bump Bournival, wouldn’t he? Or will
coaches not want to tweak the lineup at all?

stogey24: How can you change a lineup that just went four
straight?  I would 100% keep Bournival in. Galchenyuk (when healthy)
obviously needs to make his way back into the line up, but I would have a tough
time changing anything.

Lovett’s Magnatones: The worst move Therrien can make is to
insert Moen, Murray and Tinordi. The trap they’re playing, the balanced attack
and quick ups from their defensemen are how they can win this series.