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Welcome to HabsWorld’s annual draft pool.  For the first time in several
years, the draft will be held in its entirety on one day, Sunday, June 30th in
New Jersey.  The Habs hold the 25th pick in the first round plus three
second round selections; they haven’t made three picks in that round since 1983. 
Have your say on who you think will be the first round picks on Sunday afternoon
plus who Montreal’s second rounders will be.


Picks 1-6 : 1 point for each correct selection
Picks 7-15: 2 points
Picks 16-30: 3 points
Picks 34, 36 : 4 points
Pick 55: 5 points
Bonus: 1 extra point to pick(s) selected by the Habs

Additional notes:

– Your predictions are associated with the rank of selection, not with the
team. For example, if you predict Jonathan Drouin to go to the Avalanche at #1
and they swap their pick with the Lightning at #3 and select Drouin third while
Tampa Bay selects Nathan MacKinnon first overall, you won’t get a point for
accurately predicting the Avalanche to draft Drouin.

– Players are sorted by the final ranking from NHL Central Scouting. If your
prediction at a certain selection isn’t on the list, select "Other" at the end
of the drop-down list.

– Duplicate answers: If you chose Seth Jones for all 30 teams, you’ll
obviously get it right once.  Duplicate selections aren’t void so don’t worry if
you select somebody twice, you won’t be penalized.  However, we encourage you to
double check your picks to ensure your points potential is maximized.

– Visit the NHL Central Scouting website for more information on the


– The deadline for selections was 2 PM EST on draft day (Sunday, June 30th).


The contestant who filled his ballot as “Michael” won with an impressive 7 good predictions for 17 points. His correct picks were:
1-MacKinnon, 3-Drouin, 6-Monahan, 7-Nurse, 8-Ristolainen, 20-Mantha, 23-Burakowsky. Congratulations Michael, the 2013 winner of the HW Draft Pool!