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As part of our prospect rankings this year, we wanted to get your insights on
who you feel the Habs’ top prospects are.  The results of our top-10 poll
have been tabulated and today we bring you the first half of the results. 
Three forwards and two defencemen made the cut and there are some differences of
opinion between your votes and who our writers selected.


Players received points for each vote they received.  1st place received
10 points, 2nd place received 9, all the way to 10th place which received a
single point.  The scores were then tallied and the ten highest scores were
ranked 1-10 accordingly.  Please note that in several instances, this means
that the slot where the player received the most votes is not where he is

#10 – D Dalton Thrower, Saskatoon, WHL

The first of three picks from the 2012 draft to appear on this list, Thrower
actually is ranked lower than the majority of the votes he received.  72%
of his votes slotted him in the 7-9 range.  However, over half of our
readers left him off their ballots entirely which dropped him down.  His
highest ranking was 4th.

10th Place Voting


% of #10 votes


% of #10 votes
Kristo 12.62% Bennett 4.85%
Bozon 12.62% Pateryn 2.91%
Bournival 8.74% Quailer 2.91%
Holland 8.74% Beaulieu 0.97%
Hudon 8.74% Dietz 0.97%
Ellis 7.77% Nattinen 0.97%
Thrower 6.80% Archambault 0.97%
Palushaj 5.83% MacMillan 0.97%
Vail 5.83% Schultz 0.97%
Collberg 4.85% Trunev 0.97%

Your Say  (Please note that some comments have been
edited for brevity, grammar, and spelling.)

B. Kerr: "An all-around defenceman who brings quality in all
aspects of the game, whether it’s offensively with a good point shot,
defensively with physicality and shot blocking, or even in the toughness
department where he isn’t afraid of anyone."

Hugo: "Good offensive defenceman with grit, size and a good

Machine of Loving Grace: "What a grab in the second round. He’s
an example of Montreal finding a guy outside of the first that could play like a
first round pick. Excellent d-man, he’ll make it to the NHL if all goes right."

#9 – D Morgan Ellis, Shawinigan, QMJHL

Ellis received the third most votes of any defence prospect in the Habs
organization.  The #9 rank is where he received his most votes although
interestingly enough he received the same number of selections for rankings 6-8. 
His highest ranking was 2nd.

9th Place Voting


% of #9 votes


% of #9 votes
Ellis 15.53% Dietz 3.88%
Bournival 11.65% Vail 2.91%
Thrower 9.71% Bennett 1.94%
Gallagher 9.71% Nattinen 1.94%
Kristo 7.77% Leblanc 1.94%
Bozon 7.77% Quailer 0.97%
Hudon 5.83% Archambault 0.97%
Palushaj 5.83% Engqvist 0.97%
Holland 4.85% Avtsin 0.97%
Collberg 3.88% Nystrom 0.97%

Your Say

Ben Melindy: "Solid two way defender. I think he should have a
good year in Hamilton, but I see him as more of a bottom 4 defender if he can
make it to the show."

Don: "I think his all-round game should evolve to top-4 and he
will be a good team player for a long time."

Shawn W: "This guy is my most intriguing prospect. He could be
the surprise of Hamilton and be the first full time call up."

#8 – F Danny Kristo, North Dakota, WCHA

The common thread with Kristo right now is that there are concerns over his
professional future after a variety of off ice worries in college.  As a
result, many people left him off their ballots which dropped him down lower than
most would argue his talent merits.  His highest ranking was 3rd.

8th Place Voting


% of #8 votes


% of #8 votes
Thrower 15.53% Bennett 2.91%
Bournival 14.56% Leblanc 1.94%
Kristo 12.62% Archambault 1.94%
Ellis 9.71% Dietz 0.97%
Palushaj 9.71% Beaulieu 0.97%
Collberg 7.77% Quailer 0.97%
Bozon 6.80% Tinordi 0.97%
Gallagher 3.88% Dumont 0.97%
Holland 3.88% Avtsin 0.97%
Hudon 2.91%    

Your Say

G. Mockler: "He has good skills and a great skater but his off
ice behaviour is a negative.

Patrick Francis: "With his explosive speed he definitely has
the potential to be a top 6 forward."

Scott H: "Top 3-4 skill.  Not sure if he is committed to
being a pro."

#7 – F Michael Bournival, Shawinigan, QMJHL

There were a trio of players who all finished with a similar number of points
but Bournival came out in front, largely due to being included on the most
ballots out of the group.  Reading through your comments, there is
certainly a difference of opinion with regards to his offensive upside but most
feel he is a strong bet to be a regular NHL’er before long.  His highest
ranking was 3rd.

7th Place Voting


% of #7 votes


% of #7 votes
Collberg 17.48% Bozon 2.91%
Kristo 15.53% Tinordi 2.91%
Bournival 11.65% Hudon 1.94%
Ellis 9.71% Vail 1.94%
Thrower 9.71% Beaulieu 1.94%
Gallagher 7.77% Dietz 0.97%
Leblanc 6.80% MacMillan 0.97%
Holland 3.88% Pribyl 0.97%
Palushaj 2.91%    

Your Say

Andre: "If he can stay healthy, almost assured of making the
show. Whether he’s a great 3rd liner or a filler 4th liner depends on whether he
can provide any offence."

Anonymous: "Great trade to acquire this young and talented
prospect for a wavering O’Byrne. Great season last year with Memorial and WJC
tourneys to build experience and character. Good to have some home grown above
average intelligent centers with solid potential in the system!"

DRich: "Solid two way player with some grit."

#6 – F Sebastian Collberg, Frolunda, SEL

Collberg is one of the harder players to get a read on due to his lack of
playing time in the SEL last year and early into this season (although he has
played a little more over the past few games).  The distribution of his
votes is right across the board.  He is the only prospect to receive a vote
in every ranking spot; accordingly, his highest ranking was 1st.

6th Place Voting


% of #6 votes


% of #6 votes
Collberg 17.48% Bozon 4.85%
Bournival 14.56% Beaulieu 3.88%
Gallagher 12.62% Thrower 1.94%
Ellis 9.71% Holland 1.94%
Kristo 9.71% Hudon 0.97%
Leblanc 7.77% Dietz 0.97%
Tinordi 6.80% Nattinen 0.97%
Palushaj 4.85% Engqvist 0.97%

Your Say

Anonymous: "Nifty ‘lil scorer that could!  Nice to finally
see a Swedish prospect with some offensive potential in the pipes. Seemed like
the Habs had been avoiding them for decades."

bbp: "Huge steal in the last draft.  Despite getting
limited/no playing time in Europe I believe he will develop well once he comes

NBHAB: "Could be an Alfredsson the 2nd and a nice top six
addition down the road."