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The search for the next GM of the Montreal Canadiens continues with
candidates dropping out or surfacing on a regular basis.  The four person
search committee of Geoff Molson, Serge Savard, Kevin Gilmore, and Michael
Andlauer are believed to have narrowed the field to a short list of candidates
although there are no indications of who has made the cut so far so the question
becomes who should they be looking at?

We want to hear from you as to what characteristics the next GM should have
and who that person should be.  To assess this, we have put together a
survey that looks at three specific areas.  The first is evaluating the
good and the not-so-good of Montreal’s past five general managers, the second
looks at some job-specific criteria, while the third part is where you can
assess the various candidates and make your vote as to who should be the one to
shape the bleu, blanc, et rouge moving forward.