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The 2011 NHL Entry Draft is nearly upon us and for the first time in years,
there is little consensus as to who will be the top pick.  In fact, there
is very little consensus on any player, making this one of the more intriguing
drafts of recent memory.  Here is a compilation of some of the other mock
drafts compared to our own.  Not surprisingly, the selections for the Habs
vary significantly.






Red Line
Hockey News Actual pick

1) EDM

Larsson Nugent-Hopkins Larsson Nugent-Hopkins Nugent-Hopkins Larsson Nugent-Hopkins

2) COL

Nugent-Hopkins Larsson Nugent-Hopkins Larsson Landeskog Landeskog Landeskog

3) FLA

Landeskog Landeskog Landeskog Huderdeau Huberdeau Nugent-Hopkins Huberdeau

4)  NJ

Huberdeau Couturier Huberdeau Landeskog Larsson Couturier Larsson

5) NYI

Couturier Huberdeau Strome Hamilton Hamilton Huberdeau Strome

6) OTT

Strome Zibanejad Couturier Couturier Strome Strome Zibanejad

7) WPG

Zibanejad Strome Hamilton Zibanejad R. Murphy Hamilton Schiefele

8) PHI

Hamilton Hamilton R. Murphy Strome Couturier Bartschi Couturier

9) BOS

Beaulieu R. Murphy Brodin R. Murphy Beaulieu R. Murphy Hamilton

10) MIN

Armia Armia Bartschi Siemens Zibanejad Zibanejad Brodin

11) COL

R. Murphy Bartschi Zibanejad Bartschi Klefbom Klefbom Siemens

12) CAR

Siemens McNeill Beaulieu Beaulieu Jensen Siemens R. Murphy

13) CGY

McNeill Beaulieu Phillips McNeill Schiefele Phillips Bartschi

14) DAL

Oleksiak Schiefele Schiefele Brodin Armia Beaulieu Oleksiak

15) NYR

Jurco Biggs McNeill Schiefele Grimaldi Armia Miller

16) BUF

Bartschi Oleksiak Oleksiak Biggs Brodin Khoklachev Armia

17) MTL

Miller Phillips Saad Oleksiak Miller McNeill Beaulieu

18) CHI

Phillips Jenner Klefbom Klefbom J. Gibson Saad McNeill

19) EDM

Rattie Siemens Morrow Morrow Musil Oleksiak Klefbom

20) PHX

Schiefele Miller Puempel Miller Bartschi Jensen Murphy

21) OTT

Klefbom Jensen Rattie Phillips Morrow Grimaldi Noeson

22) TOR

Puempel Morrow Armia Percy McNeill J. Gibson Biggs

23) PIT

Biggs Saad Biggs Rattie Oleksiak Rattie Morrow

24) OTT

Jensen Klefbom C. Murphy Armia C. Murphy Brodin Puempel

25) TOR

Saad Puempel Grimaldi Jurco Siemens Puempel Percy

26) CHI

Khoklachev Khoklachev Rakell Jensen Biggs Rask Danault

27) TB

Mayfield Brodin Siemens Danault Honzik Musil Namestnikov

28) MIN

J. Gibson Rattie Jensen Jenner Rattie Jurco Phillips

29) VAN

Brodin Percy Musil Mayfield Saad Jaskin Jensen

30) ANA

Morrow Jurco Percy Musil Kessy Schiefele Rakell
Correct 1 2 1 2 5 1  

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HW Draft Pool winners

2003 Co-Winners: J. Wilson (QC) & Brian La Rose (ON)

2004 Winner: S. Irwin (Australia)

2005 Winner: Joshua Simms (Mobile, AL)

2007 Winner: Matt Godbout (Belleville, ON)

2008 Winner: Matt Godbout (Belleville, ON)

2009 Winner: Brian La Rose (Ontario)
2010 Winner: Brian La Rose (Ontario)
2011 Winner: