HabsWorld.net -- 

On Monday, the Habs announced the resignation of longtime president Pierre
Boivin, effective at the end of next June.  Boivin will remain the club’s
president until that time, when he will hand the reigns to newly appointed
president and CEO Geoff Molson, also the team’s owner. 

Boivin has been the longest serving member of the Habs’ management/front
office team as he has served the past 11 years with the club.  However,
even when next June comes around and he steps down, he’ll still be with the
organization as a member of the Board of Directors.  The 1 year between now
and his resignation will be a "transition period" to ease Molson into the

In other Hab news for today, 5 PM EST was the deadline for Maxim Lapierre to
file for arbitration.  However, he opted not to; the Habs now hold the
option to take him to arbitration tomorrow.  Both sides are hopeful to come
to terms on a contract later this week meaning that this likely will not happen,
ending any hopes of the second short compliance buyout window opening up.