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For a few years now, most people have bemoaned the apparent decline in former
1st round pick David Fischer.  Recently, it was announced that it would be
highly doubtful that the Habs would sign Fischer before the August 15th
deadline, thus losing his rights in the process.  How is it then that
Fischer actually has some trade value, frankly, more than he’s had in the past?

As some of you know by now, the Habs will receive a compensatory 2nd round
pick in 2011 for relinquishing his rights which will be slotted at 50th overall
– it can’t go up or down.  Now obviously, the Habs can simply opt to hold
his rights and receive the 2nd round pick (replenishing the one they lost in the
Dominic Moore deal) or they can trade him and whoever gets Fischer would receive
the 50th pick next season.

With all these rumblings about trying to trade for a player to help the club
now from teams with some cap issues (the names Patrick Sharp, Nathan Horton, and
Jeff Carter among the names bandied about), Fischer’s rights now hold more value
now than in the past 3 years – he essentially becomes a guaranteed 2nd round
pick without the risks of having a pick move up or down.  The certainty may
be attractive to some teams and you can move players in this situation –
anyone remember R.J. Umberger with the Rangers?  Didn’t think so. 
Conversely, he could also be dealt on draft day if there’s a player they like in
the 2nd round either to move up with pick #57 or acquire another pick outright.

Regardless of what happens, David Fischer is about to have his greatest
impact on the Habs, sadly it won’t be on the ice though.  One thing’s for
sure – as a result of this, GM Pierre Gauthier has an unexpected trade asset,
something the Habs can certainly use as they look to retool this offseason.