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It was game that started off badly and went downhill from there.  The
end result was a 6-0 Flyer victory giving them the first game of the series. 
Philly led 1-0 after the first which was fairly even but a quick trio of goals
chased Jaroslav Halak before the halfway point.  Unfortunately for the
Habs, Carey Price was just as shaky allowing a pair in the 3rd which put the
game way out of hand.

HW 3 Stars of the Night:

1) Glen Metropolit: The fact that he’s here explains just how bad this
game was.  For at least the first two periods, he looked a lot more like
the player that scored key goals for the team during the season.  At one
point, he was 80% on the draw, also a positive sign for him.

Statline: 0 points, even rating, 1 shot, 4/8 faceoffs, 11:11 TOI

2) Travis Moen: When a game gets out of hand like this, you want your
players to send a message physically.  He…at least tried to do so,
you can debate how successful it actually was. 

Statline: 0 points, -1 rating, 3 shots, 5 hits (team high), 14:05 TOI

3) Jaroslav Spacek: He was the only defenceman whose mistakes could be
counted on one hand in this one.  Normally this wouldn’t merit 3 Star
consideration, but a 6-0 laugher isn’t exactly normal either.

Statline: 0 points, even rating, 2 PIMS, 2 hits, 4 blocks (tied team
high), 17:56 TOI

HM) Roman Hamrlik: His defensive play notwithstanding, he at least
attempted to provide some offence from the blueline tonight.  His shot
total exceeded that of the rest of Montreal’s defence combined (3).

Statline: 0 points, -2 rating, 5 shots (team high), 4 blocks (tied
team high), 23:27 TOI

Stat of the Night: For the first time since Game 3 of the Washington
series (19:45), Josh Gorges logged under 20 minutes tonight, playing 18:57. 
Considering he took a "therapy day" on Friday, I think there could be some
legitimate concerns about his health.