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The good news is that the Habs managed to get 2
points in a must win game in Philadelphia on Friday night.  The bad news is
how they secured the win, generating a total of 0 shots in the final 15 minutes
of the game.  Tomas Plekanec’s goal in the 1st period held up and the Habs
now sit 6th in the Eastern Conference.

HW 3 Stars of the Night:

1) Jaroslav Halak: I must admit, it’s tempting to give him all 3
Stars tonight as he was simply that good.  As the game wore on, the shots
from the Flyers got better and were more frequent but Halak simply didn’t wear
down; he got stronger instead.  Outright thievery tonight, nothing less.

Statline: 35 saves on 35 shots (14 saves in the 3rd)

2) Tomas Plekanec: I don’t think he had the greatest overall game but he
did score a key early goal which turned out to be the only one of the game. 
He also led the team in faceoffs and blocks, which means he got the little
things done as well.

Statline: 1 goal, +1 rating, 1 SOG (5 attempts), 4 blocks, 9/16 faceoffs
(56%), 17:48 TOI

3) Andrei Markov: For an offensive defenceman, one would look at his
statline tonight and say he had an off game.  But, he made several key
defensive plays at crucial times and unlike most of the team, actually showed
emotion once in a while too.

Statline: 0 points, even rating, 2 PIMS, 0 shots (1 attempt), 2 blocks,
22:59 TOI (team high)

HM) Ryan O’Byrne: In a game where many expected Philly to take it to the
Habs physically, O’Byrne showed that not all of the Habs are pushovers.  It
wasn’t so much the quantity of the hits, but the quality and timing that seemed
to swing the momentum back in Montreal’s direction.  He also had some good
reads on when to pinch in the offensive zone.

Statline: 0 points, even rating, 1 shot, 3 hits, 2 blocks, 17:30 TOI

Stat of the night: 5 of the 6 defencemen played at least 20 minutes in
this one.  O’Byrne, as noted above, was the only one who didn’t see 20
minutes.  The notable stat in itself is that Bergeron played nearly 21
minutes on defence after seeing sparse minutes up front.