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On Friday night, the Habs slept walked through
the first 40 minutes before showing some life in the 3rd period. 
Unfortunately, the effort fell just short as the Flyers took the game 3-2. 
Montreal was down 3-0 early into the 2nd before Glen Metropolit and newly
acquired Dominic Moore scored in less than a minute early in the 3rd period. 
Jeff Carter (2) and Matt Carle replied for the Flyers.

HW 3 Stars of the Game:

1) Dominic Moore: I’m not a fan of losing a 2nd rounder for him, but
if he keeps up that type of effort, I think I might have a change of heart. 
He played virtually every role tonight and acquitted himself quite well despite
not having chemistry with any of the players and essentially being thrown into
the fire.

Statline: 1 goal, -1 rating, 2 PIMS, 3 shots (5 attempted), 16:58 TOI,
60% faceoffs

2) Roman Hamrlik: He looked completely gassed out there for most of the
night but when all was said and done, he led the team in ice time and had a
fairly strong game.  Lots of credit for going after Powe sticking up for
his teammate, something we don’t see enough of the time.

Statline: 1 assist, -1 rating, 6 shots attempted, 2 hits, 24:08 TOI

3) Glen Metropolit: The Moore acquisition suggested to me that
Metropolit’s days with the Habs may be drawing to a close.  Evidently, he
felt the same way as he played with a drive tonight we haven’t seen for a while. 

Statline: 1 goal, +1 rating, 3 shots (6 attempted), 3/8 faceoffs (38%)

HM) P.K. Subban: There were some moments where all you could is marvel
with his puckhandling abilities, while there were others where all you could do
was cringe and hope he’d be bailed out.  Such is life with a 20 year old
defenceman though.  My biggest concern was him trying to argue with the
referee on his penalty – it’s your 1st game, you have no clout whatsoever with
any official, don’t risk taking an unsportsmanlike penalty on top of things.

Statline: 1 assist, +1 rating, 2 PIMS, 3 shots (6 attempted), 18:04 TOI

Stat of the night: Let’s see, Moore was brought in primarily for his
faceoff prowess; he immediately became the team’s top pivot on the draw upon
acquisition.  So where does he line up tonight?  On the wing.  He
took just 5 of 55 draws in the game.