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On Saturday, I managed to pull off an incredible feat: I watched all of the Montreal Canadiens OHL prospects in one game.  It’s not as amazing a feat as you’d think though, as all 2 of them happen to play for the same team (Peterborough), who were in Barrie to take on the Colts.   

It was a game featuring a lot of offence, and not a whole lot else, as the Petes defeated the Colts 6-4.  Neither Canadiens’ prospect figured in the scoring, despite 11 Petes managing to do so.  Eero Kilpelainen got the win in goal, over Francois Thuot. 

So, without any more blabbing about the game, let’s get to the scouting reports:

Player: Mark Flood, defence, Peterborough Petes (OHL)

Game Stats: 0 goals, 0 assists, +1, 0 PIMS

Scouting Report:

Before the game, I had it in my head that Flood would be a threat offensively but a liability in the defensive end, as his -9 (before the game) would attest to.  Boy, was I wrong.  He impressed me the most on defence, standing up his man in 1-on-1 situations, and either making a good first pass out of the zone, or carrying it out himself, as his skating is underrated.  Flood played in all aspects of the game; he was on the top PP unit, the top PK unit, and often was double-shifted during even strength play.  Given the logjam of defencemen in Hamilton (AHL) this season, he seems to have made the right decision to stay in the OHL and play in all situations as the team’s top defenceman, and also as their team captain.

Defence Pairing: #4-Bryan Young/#5-Mark Flood


Mark Flood (D)

18 1 13 14 -8 2

Player: Gregory Stewart, right wing, Peterborough Petes (OHL)

Game Stats: 0 goals, 0 assists, E, 4 PIMS

Scouting Report

Here’s the player I was hoping to get the best look at, but unfortunately didn’t.  In the 1st period, he was on the ice for both Petes’ goals, but had only a handful of shifts after, for a reason mind you.  He was on the ice to start the 2nd, but when taking a swing at the puck, he hit a Barrie player instead, and found himself in the box.  He was subsequently benched for the remainder of the period, much to my dismay.  He was also out there to start the 3rd, where he made a colossal blunder, as he took aim at the new Barrie goalie, Jeff Weber, charging right at him from just outside the blueline, checking him hard into the boards with no attempt to stop.  Weber was virtually motionless on the ice for several minutes before managing to return to the game (a desperate measure given the play of Thuot).  Stewart, meanwhile, was assessed a 2 minute penalty, but subsequent discipline will likely be forthcoming in the form of a fine and/or suspension.  He played just 2 shifts after that, and didn’t do much.  On the positive side, he was a physical presence on the ice, but, unfortunately, he saw very limited special teams time.

Line Combo: #9-Jordan Morrison-#25-Jamie Tardif-#16-Gregory Stewart


Gregory Stewart (RW)

26 6 8 14 -4 48

2005 Draft Preview

In this game were a couple of prominent 2005 draft eligible players, and I will give their scouting report here, as well as where I figure that player may go when the draft is held.  (It’s not a matter of if, but when.)

Player: Daniel Ryder, centre, Peterborough Petes (OHL)

Game Stats:  1 goal, 0 assists, E, 2 PIMS

Scouting Report:

The brother of the Habs Michael Ryder, Daniel played a very solid, yet unspectacular game, and was awarded with an empty-netter (on a 2 man advantage) late in the game.  He centres the top line, and plays on the top PP unit and the 2nd PK unit.  His line was able to skate circles around the depleted Colts defence on this night, as everyone had several chances to score, but he also played very well on the other end of the rink.  Ryder is currently ranked 15th amongst OHL skaters in the CSB preliminary rankings, and should go in the mid-to-late 2nd round, but he could slip to the 3rd round because of his offensive numbers. 

Line Combo: #22-Liam Reddox-#23-Daniel Ryder-#27-Patrick Kaleta


Daniel Ryder (C)

26 11 15 26 +7 16

Player: Hunter Tremblay, centre, Barrie Colts (OHL)

Game Stats: 1 goal, 2 assists, E, 0 PIMS

Scouting Report:

Being a Colts fan, I’ve had the opportunity to see Tremblay several times over the past couple of seasons, and he has improved greatly since his rookie season.  He had 3 points in this game, and was on the ice for the other Barrie goal, earning 1st star in the game.  Tremblay is very similar to Montreal’s Jan Bulis (a Barrie alumni no less), as he plays on the top line some nights, but finds himself on the checking unit on others, as he has a very strong defensive game.  Like Bulis, Tremblay also plays 2 positions, C and RW, and currently leads the Colts in scoring, averaging over a point per game.  Despite this, I only see Tremblay as a late third rounder or early fourth rounder, as his physical game is virtually non-existent.

Line Combo: #44-B.J. Crombeen-#18-Bryan Little-#17-Hunter Tremblay


Hunter Tremblay (C)

23 14 12 26 +6 6

For those of you wondering about the status of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, here’s the answer you’re looking for.  In the event that the lockout wipes out the season, there are 2 ways the draft can go.  1) If the NHL declares an impasse sometime in the spring of 2005, the draft will be held as scheduled.  2) If the lockout extends through the draft and into the 2005/06 season, but is resolved or an impasse is declared before year’s end, a draft will be held as soon as possible for the 2005 prospects, while the 2006 draft is held in June as originally scheduled.

For more information about the game itself, here is the gamesheet.