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July 1st:
Ted Donato (BOS), retires. Will coach Harvard’s hockey team.
Kris Draper (DET), re-signs with the Wings.
Bob Boughner (COL), re-signs with the Avalanche.
Chris Gratton (COL), re-signs with the Avalanche.
Jaroslav Modry (LA), signs with Atlanta.
Glen Wesley (CAR), re-signs with the Canes.
Aaron Downey (DAL), re-signs with the Stars.
Kirby Law (PHI), signs with Minnesota.

July 2nd:
Matthew Barnaby (COL), signs with Chicago.
Curtis Brown (SJ), signs with Chicago.
Chris Simon (CGY), re-signs with the Flames.
Byron Ritchie (FLA), signs with Calgary.
Ian Laperriere (LA), signs with Colorado.
Antti Laaksonen (MIN), signs with Colorado.
Don MacLean (CBJ), signs in Finland.
Jamie McLennan (NYR), signs with Florida.
Darcy Verot (WSH), re-signs with the Capitals.

July 3rd:
Darren Langdon (MON), signs with New Jersey.
Mike Knuble (BOS), signs with Philadelphia.
Turner Stevenson (NJ), signs with Philadelphia.

July 4th:
Dallas Eakins (VAN), retires.

July 5th:
Eric Cairns (NYI), signs with Florida.
Boyd Devereaux (DET), signs with Phoenix.
Dan Bylsma (ANA), retires.

July 6th:
Dominik Hasek (DET), signs with Ottawa.
Eric Weinrich (STL), re-signs with the Blues.
Sean O’Donnell (BOS), signs with Phoenix.
Craig Conroy (CGY), signs with Los Angeles.

July 7th:
Mark Hartigan (CBJ), re-signs with the Jackets.
Ian Moran (BOS), re-signs with the Bruins.
Wade Flaherty (NAS), signs with Vancouver.
Johnathan Aitken (CHI), signs with Vancouver.
Lee Goren (FLA), signs with Vancouver.
Raymond Giroux (NJ), signs with Minnesota.

July 8th:
Trent Whitfield (WSH), re-signs with the Capitals.
Josef Boumedienne (WSH), re-signs with the Capitals.
Garrett Bembridge (CGY), signs in Germany.
Lubomir Sekeras (DAL), signs in Germany.
Brian Rolston (BOS), signs with Minnesota.

July 9th:
Mark Recchi (PHI), signs with Pittsburgh.
Mike Ricci (SJ), signs with Phoenix.
Tony Hrkac (NAS), re-signs with the Predators.
Garrett Burnett (ANA), re-signs with the Ducks.
Ryan Vandenbussche (CHI), signs with Pittsburgh.
Mark Wotton (DAL), signs in Russia.
Tom Kostopoulos (PIT), signs a minor league deal with Los Angeles.
Greg Zanon (NAS), signs with Ottawa.

July 10th:
Eric Healey (ATL), signs in Germany.

July 11th:
No signings today.

July 12th:
Mike Sillinger (STL), re-signs with the Blues.
Richard Matvichuk (DAL), signs with New Jersey.
Roman Tvrdon (WSH), signs in England.
Sheldon Keefe (TB), signs with Phoenix.
Grant Marshall (NJ), re-signs with the Devils.
Frank Banham (PHX), signs in Finland.
Mike Minard (TOR), signs a minor league deal with Vancouver.

July 13th:
Niklas Sundstrom (MON), re-signs with the Canadiens.
Igor Korolev (CHI), signs in Russia.

July 14th:
Eric Meloche (PIT), signs with Philadelphia.
Alexander Karpovtsev (NYI), signs with Florida.
Cory Larose (NYR), signs with Atlanta.
Travis Roche (MIN), signs with Atlanta.

July 15th:
Sean Hill (CAR), signs with Florida.
Frantisek Kaberle (ATL), signs with Carolina.
Krzysztof Oliwa (CGY), signs with New Jersey.

July 16th:
Shawn Heins (ATL), signs in Germany.
Joel Kwiatkowski (WAS), signs with Florida.
Mike Weaver (ATL), signs with Los Angeles.

July 17th:
No signings today.

July 18th:
No signings today.

July 19th:
Craig Darby (NJ), signs with Tampa Bay.

July 20th:
Jason Strudwick (CHI), signs with the Rangers.
Robert Mulick (SJ), signs in Italy.
Evgeny Konstantinov (TB), signs in Russia.

July 21st:
Bryan Helmer (PHX), signs with Detroit.
Eric Manlow (NYI), signs with Detroit.
Andy Delmore (BOS), signs in Germany.
Brett McLean (CHI), signs with Colorado.
Andre Savage (PHI), signs with Colorado.

July 22nd:
Brendan Shanahan (DET), re-signs with the Wings.
Jassen Cullimore (TB), signs with Chicago.
Jeff McMillan (DAL), signs with the Rangers.
Brad Tapper (OTT), signs in Germany.
Ray Schultz (NSH), signs with New Jersey.
Matt Herr (BOS), signs in Germany.
Jeremy Stevenson (NSH), re-signs with the Predators.
Jamie Allison (NSH), re-signs with the Predators.
Cam Severson (ANA), signs with Nashville.
Jerred Smithson (LA), signs with Nashville.

July 23rd:
Gavin Morgan (DAL), signs with Montreal.
Burke Henry (CHI), signs with Florida.
Serge Payer (OTT), signs with Florida.

July 24th:
Jamie Pushor (NYR), signs a minor league deal with Columbus.
Andreas Lilja (FLA), signs with Nashville.
Greg Classen (NSH), signs in Finland.

July 25th:
No signings today.

July 26th:
D.J. Smith (COL), re-signs with the Avalanche.
Mathieu Darche (NSH), signs with Colorado.
Scott Mellanby (STL), signs with Atlanta.

July 27th:
Pat Kavanagh (VAN), signs with Ottawa.

July 28th:
Tom Fitzgerald (TOR), signs with Boston.
Marcus Kristoffersson (DAL), signs in Sweden.
Steve McLaren (STL), signs with Tampa Bay.
Jarrod Skalde (DAL), signs with Tampa Bay.
Craig Adams (CAR), signs in Italy.

July 29th:
Steve Poapst (CHI), re-signs with the Blackhawks.
Jason Morgan (CHI), re-signs with the Blackhawks, nullifying a contract in Germany.

July 30th:
Tommy Albelin (NJ), retires.
Toby Petersen (PIT), signs with Edmonton.
Terry Virtue (STL), signs with Tampa Bay.

July 31st:
David Ling (CBJ), signs a minor league contract with Toronto.

August 1st:
No signings today.

August 2nd:
Johan Hedberg (VAN), signs in Sweden.
Jeff Paul (NYR), signs with Washington.
Pavel Trnka (FLA), signs in the Czech Republic.
Brad DeFauw (CAR), signs in Sweden.

August 3rd:
No signings today.

August 4th:
No signings today.

August 5th:
Matt Cullen (FLA), signs with Carolina.
Jason Wiemer (MIN), signs with Calgary.
Craig Johnson (WAS), signs in Germany.

August 6th:
Brett Hull (DET), signs with Phoenix.

August 7th:
No signings today.

August 8th:
Daniel Corso (ATL), signs in Germany.

August 9th:
Steve Kariya (NJ), signs in Finland.

August 10th:
Michael Nylander (BOS), signs with the Rangers.
Francois Methot (WAS), signs in Germany.

August 11th:
Gordie Dwyer (MON), signs with Carolina.
Colin Forbes (WAS), signs with Carolina.
Jesse Fibiger (SJ), signs with Ottawa.
Jim Campbell (ATL), signs with the Islanders.
Matt Koalska (NAS), signs with the Islanders.

August 12th:
Mel Angelstad (WAS), signs in England.
Keith Aldridge (DAL), signs with the Islanders.

August 13th:
Richard Seeley (LA), signs with the Islanders.
Bobby Allen (EDM), signs with New Jersey.
Ryan Murphy (NJ), re-signs with the Devils.
Pascal Rheaume (STL), signs with New Jersey.
Darren Rumble (TB), re-signs a minor league deal with the Lightning.
Steven Spencer (NAS), signs with New Jersey.

August 14th:
Brett Lysak (CAR), signs in Germany.

August 15th:
No signings today.

August 16th:
Yorick Treille (CHI), signs in Germany.
John Jakopin (NYR), signs in Germany.
Marc Brown (STL), signs in Germany.

August 17th:
Garth Snow (NYI), signs in Russia.

August 18th:
Vincent Damphousse (SJ), signs with Colorado.

August 19th:
Peter Vandermeer (PHI), signs with Detroit.
Jeff Heerema (NYR), signs with Vancouver.
Joe DiPenta (ATL), signs with Vancouver.
Kent Huskins (FLA), signs a minor league deal with Vancouver.
Nolan Baumgartner (VAN), re-signs with the Canucks, nullifying a contract in Germany.
Sergei Brylin (NJ), re-signs with the Devils.

August 20th:
Robert Reichel (TOR), signs in the Czech Republic.

August 21st:
No signings today.

August 22nd:
No signings today.

August 23rd:
Ryan Ready (STL), signs in Philadelphia.
Rob Zamuner (BOS), signs in Switzerland.

August 24th:
Benoit Dusablon (NYR), signs with Montreal.
Rick Mrozik (BUF), signs with Edmonton.
Alain Nasreddine (PIT), re-signs with the Penguins.
Daryl Andrews (FLA), signs in England.

August 25th:
Patrick DesRochers (CAR), signs with Florida.
Jason Marshall (SJ), signs with the Rangers.
Barrett Heisten (DAL), signs with the Islanders.

August 26th:
Kevin Weekes (CAR), signs with the Rangers.
Petr Nedved (EDM), signs with Phoenix.
Jason Krog (ANA), signs in Austria.

August 27th:
No signings today.

August 28th:
No signings today.

August 29th:
No signings today.

August 30th:
No signings today.

August 31st:
No signings today.

September 1st:
No signings today.

September 2nd:
Rick Berry (WAS), signs with Phoenix.
Jon Sim (PIT), signs with Phoenix.
Martin Sonnenberg (CGY), signs with Phoenix.
Doug Doull (BOS), signs with Phoenix.
Zac Bierk (PHX), re-signs with the Coyotes.

September 3rd:
No signings today.

September 4th:
No signings today.

September 5th:
No signings today.

September 6th:
No signings today.

September 7th:
Sebastien Centomo (TOR), signs with Calgary.

September 8th:
Mark Murphy (PHI), re-signs with the Flyers.

September 9th:
Patrick Traverse (MON), signs with Dallas.
Mariusz Czerkawski (NYI), signs in Sweden.

September 10th:
Chris Ferraro (PHX), signs in Sweden.
Peter Ferraro (PHX), signs in Sweden.
Mike Mottau (ANA), signs a minor league deal with St. Louis.

September 11th:
No signings today.

September 12th:
No signings today.

September 13th:
No signings today.

September 14th:
Dave Andreychuk (TB), re-signs with the Lightning.
Steve Yzerman (DET), re-signs with the Red Wings.

September 15th:
Todd Harvey (SJ), signs with Edmonton.
Anders Eriksson (CBJ), signs with Calgary.

September 16th to End of Lockout
Throughout the duration of the NHL Lockout, only overseas, minor league, and prospect deals can be signed.  Expect very few signings from players on this list over the coming weeks and months.