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Well, we’re roughly a month away from arguably the most exciting part of the
NHL offseason: the annual entry draft.  General Managers and scouting
staffs are always busy during this time of year trying to find the next elite
NHL’er.  Now, it’s your turn to play the role of Canadiens GM Bob
Gainey.  You get to choose how the Habs approach the draft table this
year.  Submit your responses and we’ll gather a consensus on how you, the
diehard fans, want the draft to go down.

Here are some things you may
want to consider in your response:

  • Do you trade up, down, or stay with your first round pick (18th

  • Do you consider moving players for picks? Picks for players?

  • Do you try to stockpile picks in the latter rounds?

  • Do you take a “risk” pick in the first round like last year, or do you go for
    a “safer” pick?

  • What position(s) do you want to stockpile, do you think the Habs should draft
    more forwards, or maybe d-men, or

  • Is there a specific league the Habs should draft more out of (ie: OHL, QMJHL,
    NCAA, Elite Leagues)?

  • (feel free to mention any other ideas not mentioned

When you’re all said and done, send your submission to [email protected].  All
responses will be posted below this article.

Be sure to add your name
(or nickname) and your location in your submission, or you can request
anonymity.  If you have any other questions or suggestions, e-mail the
above address.  Have fun with your responses, there is no right or wrong,
we just want to hear from you, the fan.




Your strategy


Name:  Tony de Palma
Not specified

I would try to Trade up to get BORIS VALABIK (big 6foot7
Tough Defenseman) offer up Traverse/Dykhuis but not both.  I would also
trade up for WOJTEK WOLSKI (power Forward) offer up Traverse/Dykhuis but not
both. @ 18th i would select BRUCE GRAHAM 6foot6 centerman (power forward) back
up pick would be TRAVIS ZAJAC 6foot2 centerman. trade GORDIE DWYER to get JEFF
SCHULTZ 6foot6 defenseman with a scoring touch, trade thinel &
christopher-hiedo lindberg (Gaolie) to get VACLAV MEIDL 6foot4 centerman in the
later rounds if available – A.J THELEN (defense), CARL SODERBERG (center/wing),
RADULOV(RW), JOHN CARTER(center), FREDRIK NASLUND(RW) Habs just got a whole lot
Bigger but not just bigger, these are skilled big players. And freed up $$$
& some spots on the farm.

Name : Pmac
Location : UAE

I would trade Hainsey, Markov, & Riberio (or Ryder if
necessary) and our first round pick to Wash. for the # 1 pick. Failing that I
would offer Garon, Hainsey and our first pick to Pittsburgh for their 1st
I know that some of you will think this is crazy, but in a draft like this that
is so top-heavy I would go for high risk, high reward.

Name : François Paltrinieri
Location : Ottawa

Comments : With this year’s draft, the Habs don`t need to
move up or down. The best player available to them is AJ Thelen. He is a big
defenseman, which the Habs desperately need. He can put the puck in the net (11
goals in 40 gms) and he played hockey in Michigan, where hockey is probably the
most popular and the best in the US, aside maybe from Minnesota. He’s a skilled
player and he’s exactly what Montreal needs. However, the Habs also need a
scoring natural left-winger. The only natural left wing they have is Dagenais,
and he’s not going to be your go to guy. The habs need either to move Zednik on
the left and bring Selanne on the right, since Kovalev is gone….and the also
need Brylin, another coveted free agent. The last on teh shopping list is Ian
Laperrière, to replace Jim Dowd and Yanic Perreault, who is also testing the
free agent market. So: Draft Thelen, and buy Brylin, Selanne (who excels with
Koivu) and Laperrière. Thelen will replace Quintal and Rivet in the long run,
2-3 years max.