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Habs Relinquish Rights To Three Prospects

While many deadlines have been pushed back due to the delayed start to the season, one that hasn’t is the June 1st signing deadline for certain prospects. That has now come and gone with the Canadiens relinquishing rights to three of their youngsters.

Rocket Weekly: Ending On a Quiet Note

The final stretch of the season was a tough one for Laval. Despite outplaying the Marlies for significant stretches, it didn’t result in much success as they only managed to pick up three points in five games to end their season on a quiet note.

Habs sign Rafael Harvey-Pinard

With the June 1st deadline to sign him fast approaching, the Habs have indeed got a deal done with Rafael Harvey-Pinard, announcing on Wednesday that they’ve signed the winger to a two-year, entry-level contract that begins next season.

Rocket Weekly: No Wins, One Division Title

Laval returned to action after another extended break and between shaking off some rust and a rapidly-growing injured list, they were unable to pick up a win in either of their games although they did manage to accomplish something notable despite the losses.