Author: John Wiens

The changing face of UFA prices

Roman Cechmanek’s bargaining position has become tenuous with Mathieu Garon’s arrival in L.A. Garon could be a starter there. If Ceechmanek wants to remain a King he will have to show it at the bargaining table. He will lower his price, if current markets

Development Camp Day #7

Development Camp. If only those words conjured up memories of days gone by. Any memories at all. I came home with such a buzz it took about three hours for my ears to stop ringing. It was an exciting day

Off season fun begins.

As far as Canadian fans are concerned the season ended a few weeks ago. During the end of year press conference Mr. Gainey was his predictably candid self, and shed next to no light on his business during the off-season. What little news there was has alr