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The Habs postseason is underway and there is a lot of excitement about the team and the upcoming draft on July 7th and 8th. Host Norm Szcyrek was joined by cohosts Paul MacLeod, Jonathan Rebelo, and special guest Sean Cayouette. Episode 90 is very draft-focused, particularly with the Canadiens winning the draft lottery and selecting first overall. This podcast was recorded on the evening of June 6, 2022.

Here is a breakdown of the topics we discussed:

First Period [00:00 – 17:01]

Introductions, Habs trivia
Initial thoughts about the upcoming NHL draft
Discussing top prospects Shane Wright, Juraj Slavkovsky, and Simon Nemec and their potential of being taken by Montreal
Speculation of a trade with New Jersey for their first-round pick

Second Period [17:02 – 45:08]

If Montreal drafts Shane Wright, will he start next season with the Habs?
Discussing draft options for the Habs’ second first-round pick (#26): Issac Howard, Nathan Gaucher, Maveric Lamoureux
Talk of David Jiricek as a potential top pick
Sharing thoughts about other draft analysts ranking the top picks

Third Period [45:09 – 57:51]

Will Martin St. Louis survive his three-year contract in Montreal?
Around the NHL: Boston Bruins fire Bruce Cassidy despite a successful record; where other unemployed NHL coaches may get hired; NHL legends Guy Lafleur and Mike Bossy passing away; some reflections on the Flower

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