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Hosts Norm Szcyrek and Jonathan Rebelo discussed the terrible start to the Habs first few weeks of the 2017 season. This podcast was recorded the evening of October 26, 2017. Topics include:

0:00 Intro, thoughts on Gord Downie passing, Habs trivia.
3:18 The Good: Victor Mete, Jonathan Drouin.
6:33 The Bad: Marc Bergevin’s bad moves/style as GM; his recent press conference; are the Habs already in “Tank” mode?
11:22 The ugly: Habs outshooting the opposition most games but cannot score; is this due to Claude Julien’s coaching style with both the Bruins and Habs; current Habs “Max” under producer; Carey Price un-Price like; is his new contract a burden or insurance for the Habs?
17:43 Around the league: surprising strong starts for the Devils, Lightning; Mikhail Sergachev blossoming in Tampa,
19:08 More Habs Bad: Habs struggling defencemen; could the Habs replace the GM/coach, and with who; Galchenyuk rumours with personal issue; Ales Hemsky injury; the Stars must have known Hemsky was concussion prone, why didn’t the Habs before they signed him; do the Habs pro scouts actually see the players before recommending the Habs sign them
24:40 If the Habs go into rebuild mode, who could be traded out of Montreal?
30:50 Scherbak & McCarron call-ups; Habs drafting past and strategies
35:45 Back around the league: Vegas baby! ; upcoming games for the Habs; top pick in the upcoming draft; reflecting back on the Habs last terrible season in 2012; Vadim Shipachyov available but will the Habs try to trade for him; wrap up topics

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