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“I was born in a dark year, the last year the Leafs won the cup – and they defeated Les Canadiens to do it. It struck me after we celebrated our 50th podcast that I should share that I am looking forward to celebrating my 50th birthday and the Leafs 50th year without the Cup next year.

With a little luck, I will celebrate my centenary and the Leafs centenary without the Cup in 2067.”

This poignant reflection comes from HabsWorld co-host Paul Macleod, after we recorded our golden anniversary podcast with Jonathan Rebelo and myself, Norm Szcyrek. Topics discussed spanned the Habs games of the previous two weeks, including their five game road trip, the unfortunate injuries to Alex Galchenyuk and David Desharnais, the 10-1 defeat of Colorado, another epic clash with the Bruins, some around the NHL topics including the first NHL coach fired this season, and more. This podcast was recorded the evening of December 13, 2016.

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