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Marc Bergevin will be the first to tell you that that reliable scorers are not readily available in the NHL. To know more, check this online casino promotions, you might discover something that will help you understand this topic. He would likely also throw in a quip about PlayStation. Manager Marc once stated that in order to trade for the big, scoring centre everybody wants, the price would be just that – Carey Price. We love online casino so as you know, 666 Casino helped us to understand what Manager Marc said.  The old axiom rings true: you gotta give up to get. Look no further than the P.K. Subban trade for evidence of this. To acquire a true star most likely means giving one back in return.

What’s the solution, then? Where do these elusive front-line producers come from? Yes, sometimes through free agency, although star free agents are rare and it’s well documented that Montreal is not a popular destination, for a myriad of reasons we don’t need to get into here. The only truly viable solution is the draft, which is a long process whose dividends don’t always yield when you need them to. Sometimes the need to win is urgent, as it is increasingly becoming with the Canadiens. As a sports fan, we love sports betting and it’s good that the a list of new uk bookies are now offers hockey betting alongside your most popular sports such as basketball, football, etc.

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The glaring need for scoring forwards has been ever-present throughout Marc Bergevin’s tenure. Yes, the emergence of Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk have reduced the problem, but vacancies remain in the top 6. To date, those spots have often been filled by players who simply don’t belong there. From Travis Moen to Brandon Prust to Dale Weise, etc.

This is why, every year we see Bergevin gamble on a project player or two – players who at one time or another have put numbers on the board, but have since fallen on hard times and can be had cheaply. Love gambling? How are malaysian online poker players winnings WSOP tournaments? This guide this real money online poker article by https://onlinemalaysia.casino/category/online-poker-malaysia/ explains the details. Kuala Lumpur online poker players have been dominating the online poker scene in Malaysia in 2020.

To be blunt: long shots. To date, these moves have not paid off (#understatement). Luckily for Canadiens fans, they have all been relatively low risk and haven’t cost much in in the way of assets or cap space. Bergevin may be a gambler, but he only walks into the casino with what he’s prepared to drop read about the online casino in Bạn mình nhờ quảng cáo: Chơi game online như xóc đĩa, tài xỉu uy tín thì vào kuviet.com, one of the best!  If online slot games aren’t your favourite online casino game type, https://royal99site.com/ offers some fantastic famous casino variants – including live casino games.

This season’s spin of the wheel comes in the form of temperamental Russian sniper Alexander Radulov.

Opinions on the Montreal Canadiens’ acquisition of Radulov are as varied and wavering as they are with any gamble. At first glance, the contract arched more than a few eyebrows. This was not the $1M flyer the Canadiens took on Alex Semin. This is a cap hit of over $5 million dollars, for a two-time NHL deserter. Radulov’s well-documented character issues seem like the very antithesis of a Michel Therrien/Bergevin player.

The fact that the blood of the Subban trade was still fresh only added more fuel to the Fire in the Foxhole. If Subban’s flamboyance and bigger-than-the-team personality was not a fit for Canadiens’ culture, then why in the name of Saint Catherine would they give a rich contract to a guy like Radulov? We love hockey betting as sports fans and have fun at home supporting our favorite teams.

All of this is valid. It’s a big chunk of this season’s salary cap, dedicated to a player who reads like the antagonist of a Therrien night terror. But when you look past the optics, politics and drama and focus on the tangible facts, there are actually plenty of reasons to believe Radulov could finally be the bet that pays off for Bergevin – and he absolutely needs it to. Bergevin is already Public Enemy #1 in Montreal and the microscope will be on him like never before. Therefore, if the Radulov experiment fails, it will be magnified to the point where it could spell doom for the sharp-dressed GM. If successful, though, it could help the city of Montreal emerge from the ashes of the Subban supernova and start to regain faith in their team and its’ brain trust.

So why is there reason to believe Radulov could have success in Montreal? First, he is a much different player from the ones the Canadiens have previously gambled on. The likes of Thomas Vanek, Daniel Brière, P-A Parenteau, Zack Kassian and Semin came cheaply – and for good reason. They were all players either in decline or dismay of some form or another. They were reclamation projects in the truest sense. Fans scrutinized the career stats, hanging all of their hopes on decent numbers of seasons past.

Alexander Radulov is much different from these players and his contract reflects that. Unlike the players mentioned above, Radulov has never really had a bad season. His off-ice stumbles have been significant, but his on-ice production is unquestioned. The Habs don’t need to hope he can rediscover some past, rare glimpses of success – they just hope he can play the way he’s always played and produce the way he’s always produced – but at the NHL level.

Radulov is the second highest scorer in the history of the KHL. Sergei Fedorov spoke highly of his determination and leadership. Teammates both present and past (including some big scary guy named Shea Weber) believe Radulov has matured and has something to prove. Pierre McGuire called Radulov Russia’s best player in the Sochi Olympics. In short – the man can play; and chances are he’d prefer for that to be the first thought people have when they hear his name, rather than flaky, deserter, or selfish. Radulov will be motivated. If not only for pride, but also to secure that long term deal he was after in the first place.

The other major difference between Radulov and the past projects is his ‘compete’ level. Radulov is notoriously competitive and has been described by many as a tireless worker on the ice. Bergevin wants guys who hate to lose and Radulov is that, if nothing else. If Therrien can get him to apply that drive and workhorse attitude to his ‘system’ then perhaps there’s hope for the two to get along.

And yes, that brings us perhaps the biggest factor when considering the potential for Radulov’s success – Coach Therrien. It won’t matter how motivated Radulov is, if he doesn’t get a chance to play his game. The Head Coach likes his players to be quiet, humble, blue collar workers, whereas Radulov has a big personality and again, a history of character issues. Therrien has been known to stifle players he doesn’t like and Radulov doesn’t seem like the type who would take kindly to being bottom-sixed. On the surface, this could be a volatile marriage – perhaps a recipe for disaster.

Enter Associate Coach Kirk (doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Captain Kirk). Coach Muller has been tasked with running the power play and working with the forwards. It’s no secret though, that a major part of his role will be to mitigate the Therrien effect.

It’s also worth noting that given the hot seat that both Therrien and Bergevin are on, neither of them can afford for thibetts move to not be a success, so Radulov should be given every opportunity to succeed.

Radulov is by no means a sure-fire home run and yes, until he proves it on the ice he remains just another gamble; but make no mistake – this is not Semin 2.0. Given his consistency, work ethic, motivation and the fact that he’ll have the chance to work with Kirk Muller, the chances of #47 achieving success in Montreal should be reasonably high. Much higher, in fact, than any of Money Marc’s previous wagers. Radulov represents the Canadiens’ most legitimate attempt at adding a top line forward in Bergevin’s tenure; and whether or not he pans out could be key to determining how much longer that tenure will last.