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Are you ready to add some more Russian fire power to this blueline? Andrei Markov’s inability to skate with speed and Alexei Emelin’s erratic play could mean that the young Mikhail Sergachyov of the Windsor Spitfires might just scratch that need for a talented Russian on defence. And following the revolving door the Canadiens had at that position last season, a close to sure thing on the backend may not be a terrible game plan. With his projected draft ranking positions, he’s certainly in Montreal’s wheelhouse.


DOB: June 25, 1998 – Nizhnekamsk, Russia
Height: 6’2
Weight: 220 lbs


CSB: 8 (North American Skaters)
ISS: 10
TSN-McKenzie: 8
TSN-Button: 10
McKeens: 9
Hockey Prospect: 8
Future Considerations: 9
Hockey News: 8


Scouting Report

A rookie in the OHL, Sergachyov made an immediate mark. He’s generated glowing reviews from analysts and draft specialists, as he was awarded the “possibly the most NHL-ready player in the draft” mantle – starting pretty high for a 17-year old.

But, with a 220 lb frame at such a ripe age and the amount of talent and hockey sense he has displayed to date, it gets harder and harder to take that swanky title away from him.

He’s touted as the full package. Sergachyov is an excellent skater that plays a very strong two-way game. He’s able to start plays and go the 200 feet to finish them. He has good hands, elite passing, and a very hard, heavy shot with an advanced understanding of the game at such a young age. Several notes have been made about his willingness to be a focal point in games. He doesn’t shrink away from adversity, he welcomes it.

The bad about his game is, and possibly not a big surprise, is maturity level. He’s apt to taking poor penalties and can lose focus as he becomes a bit of a hot head. He’s 17, it was his first season in North America, and probably most important; he’s 17. I’d imagine any NHL team that drafts him will curb that issue real quick – whether it be coaches or veterans, or both. Accountability in the NHL is learned quickly.


Like, yesterday. As mentioned earlier, there is very strong belief that he is one of, if not the most NHL ready players available in the draft. That includes incoming royals Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine. At 17 I’d assume he’s done growing but at 220 pounds already, imagine what an NHL workout/nutrition regiment can do with that.