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With a 5-7-1 record in February, the Montreal Canadiens didn’t do much to improve their chances of making the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Granted, the 5 wins were a marked improvement over the past few months, but at a time when fans have begun hoping for a high draft pick, those wins may have seemingly hurt the Habs more than they helped.  It may be early still, but Marc Bergevin’s moves (or lack thereof) in addition to significant injuries seem to spell the end of what was initially a hope-filled season.

They say until a team is mathematically eliminated, the players are still trying their hardest on any given night.  With certain exceptions, this seemed to be true with the Canadiens in February, with various players stepping up their play nightly.  Habsworld would like to know which three players fit the bill as HW’s 3 Stars for the month; select your choices from the drop-down boxes and submit your votes.  Please vote only once per player and multiple entries will be discarded.  Voting ends March 11th, 2016.

Here are the statistics for February: