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In the previous two months, HabsWorld’s readers might have had difficulties picking the HW 3 Stars, since Montreal was getting significant contributions from almost everybody on the roster.  With December’s horrendous record of 3-11-0, our readers may encounter similar difficulties, but for the complete opposite reason.  Very few individuals had successful months, as the Canadiens plummeted from the top of the league to clinging to a playoff position.

Although many would like to put December behind us and repress the painful memories that the month brought, we at Habsworld insist that you dredge up those memories one last time, and select which individuals brought the most success to their team.  Select your picks from the drop-down boxes, and be sure to vote for each player only once; multiple entries will be discarded.  Only players that participated in more than 4 games are eligible for votes.  Voting ends January 10th, 2016.

Here are December’s stats: