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The ‘EGG’ line with Alex Galchenyuk, Lars Eller and Brendan Gallagher have
hands down been the Habs’ best forward line so far in this early season. The
young line had a great start in the very first game of the season against the
Leafs, with Galchenyuk getting two assists, Gallagher getting two points, and
Eller contributing with two goals and an assist.  That success continued
for a few more games before they were split up to try and get other players
going until Tuesday’s contest in Winnipeg where they were re-united.

The main reason why I think this line has produced well so far this season is
because of their work ethic.  Gallagher always drives the net hard,
no matter the situation, which drives goalies nuts when he gets in the dirty
areas of the crease.  By doing that and getting pucks to the net, this
creates more chances for Eller and Galchenyuk while also causing havoc for
opposing teams’ defence and goalies. Adding to the work ethic element, Eller
came back from injury this season in stunning fashion.  Lars came out right
away for the Habs against the Leafs in the season opener by picking up three
points and has kept performing since then.  Galchenyuk on the other hand, has
picked up exactly where he left off last season, playing solid hockey for the
Habs.  He has also been making very
intelligent plays with the puck, which keeps the puck in the offensive zone and
helps out the line with creating more and more chances.

Another reason why I think this trio is doing well is because of the
increasing experience levels from the three young players on this line. 
They are all getting more acclimated to the offensive system and are getting
more comfortable with controlling the play instead of reacting.  As they
continue to play together, this positive should continue which should alleviate
some of the pressure from the veterans. 

Gallagher’s aggressive play has brought out that element in Eller and
Galchenyuk as well which has helped keep the pressure on the opponents’
defenders.  As all three are still young, they should be able to maintain
that youthful aggression and energy which should help lead to continued success
for this line.

How long will the line be together for?  Who knows.  We’re barely two
weeks into the season and already they’ve been split up and re-united. 
Right now, this line has been clicking on all cylinders and has been the
catalyst for the Habs’ offence so far.  If they do get split up, it will be
important for the veterans (such as Tomas Plekanec, David Desharnais, and Daniel
Briere) to step up their games as it’s unfair to expect the ‘EGG’ line to lead
the way all season long.  So far, this line has been the story of the
season for the Habs.  Will that continue to be the case?  Only time
will tell.