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With the recent signing of Carey Price, the Montreal Canadiens are looking to secure their future stars. Yesterday, they made one more statement to confirm this. Max Pacioretty has signed a six year contract extension, which will pay him an average of $4.5 million per season. This should, hopefully, keep him with the club until at least 2020.

This is an excellent deal for both Pacioretty and the Habs. This is a sum that offers respect to Max’s potential and if he continues to develop exponentially, the salary will be well worth it come the last few years of the term. Clearly, Marc Bergevin has made Max a top priority and has been working on much more than just one contract negotiation. This is a move that is sure to inspire even more confidence in the revamped management team. Pacioretty can be one of the premier power forwards of the game- if he is not already. His speed, size, power, shot and drive are all elements that may one day add up to a 50 goal season. Last year he scored more goals than Jarome Iginla, John Tavares, Zach Parise, Rick Nash and Evander Kane- just to name a few. Pacioretty flies under the radar when it comes to elite players, perhaps, because he is only 23 and has just blossomed. All this equals many great years for the young American to come in the future. For Habs fans, let us hope there are many in a number 67 red, white and blue jersey.

With an all-star goalie, a budding power forward and a “third overall” center prospect only the young super star defenseman (namely you know who) is lacking to complete the framework. Recent comments reported by Dan Rosen, which appear on NHL.com (linked below), made by P.K. himself: “I grew up a Montreal Canadiens fan. I love playing there and I want to play there for the rest of my career”, offer hope to those who felt he may not want to return to Montreal. It seems that a deal is imminent. This is good news for a franchise that is on the rise towards height it has not reached for almost two decades.