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Who Are Your 3 Stars for October?

When the Montreal Canadiens hosted their home opener at the start of the month, they
unveiled a new 3 Star system in which the fans could vote for what players
earned the honours for that particular game.  This innovation has been
considered a widely-recognized success, and has opened up a whole new level of
fan involvement.  We here at HabsWorld
recognized a good thing when we saw it, and have decided to implement something
similar on our website.

It’s all very straight-forward.  Our readers are asked to select the 3
that they feel have been the best players for Montreal throughout the month
of October.  Simply select the players most deserving of star-honours from
each of the 3 drop-down menus and click <Submit Your Vote>.  Duplicate answers will be
discarded and multiple entries will not be accepted.  Voting ends on
November 2nd, 2010 at 23:59 (EST).  Results from the voting will be posted
in the following days.

Cast your vote below!