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NHL’s General Managers have until 3pm today, Wednesday, March 3rd to complete trades. Although we have seen a sharp decline in trades in recent years, “Deadline day” has always remained a very busy day. Typically, “Deadline day” is the time for teams battling for a playoff spot to tweak up their lineup by trading minor leaguers or picks for solid 3rd or 4th liners, hoping to increase chance of extending the season and without risking too much. Contenders’ teams, on the other hand, will try to make a splash and add a veteran star or a sniper in order to maximize their chance of winning the Stanley Cup, often ready to give away a promising young player. Finally, teams out of the playoffs picture will try to trade players soon to become free-agent, or veterans, while their values are at a high.

What should we expect from new Habs GM Pierre Gauthier today?

It is important to consider the timing of Bob Gainey’s resignation as General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens, just about a month ago, on February 8th. It was clear in Gainey’s mind that he wasn’t going to be the Habs GM next season. He made a gentlemen move by handing the team to his successor, a few weeks before the busiest day of the year. We also have to take in account that Gauthier is not new on the block; Gainey and Gauthier have been working closely together for the past 6 years. Clearly, Gainey didn’t want to screw the team before leaving. Perhabs Gauthier had been advocating for a certain direction or had ideas that Gainey was not ready to acquiesce, and that only now can it get done.

The reality of the salary cap

The standings is so tight that it is impossible to predict the final position of the Canadiens. Even with the return of all the injured players and a position in the top 8 seeds, Habs chances to get far in the playoffs are realistically slim, and so it is definitely not worth trading young players for rentals or aging stars. Anyways, the Habs salary cap situation is so tight, that it is basically impossible to make any trade, unless they can dump a salary. According to HW’s “Capologist”, Brian La Rose, the Habs are already over the Salary Cap by more than 1 million.

HW Pre-Deadline Analysis

According to HW’s Chief Editor, Brian La Rose, Paul Mara is the Habs player who is the most likely to get traded on Wednesday. For a complete analysis on each players in regard to Deadline day, read:

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RDS, TSN and Sportsnet generally have great trade deadline coverage, on both TV and website outlets. When “fresh info” is valued at the second, Twitter has emerged as THE place to get the latest update. Most journalists will update their Twitter accounts as soon as they get word on a trade, and even before telling it live on TV or writing an article (unless they twit while being live on TV). It may seem odd, but in a world where information is gold and where media battles for viewers, readers and ads-clickers, being the first to breakout a deal can boost your popularity and your outlet’s credibility.

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