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The Hamilton Bulldogs made the most of Scotland’s schizophrenic weather yesterday on their day off. After beating the Toronto Marlies 1-0 on Thursday, the team split up to take in the finer parts of Edinburgh and the surrounding region.

Whether it was golf at St. Andrews or taking pictures at the famous Edinburgh Castle, the team was fortunate not to be soaked by rain or blown off the coast by some of the heavier winds found up north in the UK.

Fresh off a solid showing at training camp, Ryan White said he was glad to have some time to explore the city.

“We had a bit of time off yesterday to go about and tour the town a bit,” he told HabsWorld.net. “As much as we’re here for hockey, it’s my first time overseas and I really want to make the most of it. We’re trying our best to get out and see the sights as well as impress the fans in the rink.”

“Guy [Boucher] is a pretty intense guy, he wants to win and that’s what we want too, so he brings that feeling to the rink every day and he’ll wake us up every morning to get ready to go,” he added.

Commenting on his camp experience, he singled out the Habs’ newest additions – Mike Cammalleri, Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta – as those who impress him most.

“They’re all good professional hockey players, and they come to the rink ready to play. That’s why they are where they are and making the money for a reason, and they’ll be big factors in Montreal this year which is good for everyone as a better team for them means a better team for us.”

White cited the improved Ryan O’Byrne as the toughest Hab at training camp, although he had great things to say about the defensive corps overall.

“Most of the [Canadiens] defence are pretty tough, it makes a big difference to those guys they had last year,” he said. “Singling out one in particular, Ryan O’Byrne is a big guy and he plays pretty hard every day and doesn’t take much off practice or in game.”

Over the summer, White worked on his speed and fitness ahead of camp, and says he’s looking forward to surpassing last season’s 29 points. So far this preseason he’s played on a line with Ryan Russell and new European import Mikael Johansson.