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So the deadline came and went, with nary a move from Montreal. From a hockey
stand point, analyzing the quality of play currently being showcased by the
Montreal Canadiens, standing pat at the deadline was surprising. From a
financial standpoint, understanding that the cap space they had was a hindrance
to bring in anyone that could have actually helped Montreal, standing pat wasn’t
surprising at all. Surprising or unsurprising, it was disappointing for most

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of deadline day. En masse
changes with a healthy dose of wanting to keep up with Jones’ pretty much
equates to feeling like a trade needs to happen for the team you cheer for. To
exacerbate the situation for Canadiens fans, we were all "treated" fairly early
in the day to seeing a target player (in many fans’ opinions) in Olli Jokinen
traded to the Calgary Flames. Jokinen, a large and elite centerman, would have
instantly solved many of the Habs’ problems had he been sent to Montreal instead of
Calgary. The sobering reality is the money didn’t work, and with numerous GM’s
suggesting they had moves they wanted to do but couldn’t clear the salaries to
do them, Montreal wasn’t the only team that was restricted by the cap.

What’s usually ignored by many people,
including some analysts, is that Bob’s deals were all done earlier. Had Gainey
traded for Mathieu Schneider on March the 4th instead of on February 16th, many
would call his deadline a success and would be congratulating him on improving
the team. The pageantry of Deadline Day breeds a lot of insanity, from General
Managers as well as the fans. Still, there is something to be said about the
ultimate "last chance" to change your team for the season, and many could argue
at this point that Montreal needed at least one more change.

For better or for worse, and barring callups
and waivers, these are your Montreal Canadiens to finish the 2008-2009 season.