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Let’s face it, there was
nothing in the Habs’ recent play that had anyone thinking they could win this
game. The team is stagnant, and facing the number one team in the East isn’t the
best way to gain two points in the standings when you’re slumping. The only
positive that can be hoped for is that the game was an eye opener to the team
after being handed false confidence in an undeserved win against LA. They need
an attitude change, and it’s time for the captain, the coach and the GM to make
a statement. Line of the night: During the 2nd intermission segment on CBC,
Kelly Hrudey showed his watch to PJ Stock (while discussing how quickly Alex
Kovalev could make it to a restaurant after the game without showering, being
that he hadn’t broken a sweat in the game.) This prompted PJ to quip, "What’s a
Bolex?" alluding to Hrudey wearing a cheap, imitation watch. That’s what this
current Habs team looks like: a cheap imitation of the real thing.


Carey Price:
Price can’t be faulted on
any goal. He had some big saves, but generally didn’t need to do anything
spectacular. That basically describes the defense for the game. They handled the
Bruins well and kept Price’s job easy, but their big mistakes cost them.   


Ryan O’Byrne:
What? O’Byrne listed first?
Yeah yeah, Hamrlik may have been the better choice to lead this section, but
let’s give the guy a break. He deserves a break.
O’Byrne hit, he battled, and even pinched in smartly to keep the play alive.
Now, w
hen he makes a mistake,
it does seem to stick with him for the rest of his shift. Hopefully a few more
strong outings like this one will help him develop a Teflon attitude to any
faults that will happen.

Roman Hamrlik:

Roman can be a defensive
treat most nights. It’s said that the best defencemen are the ones you don’t
really notice. Well, he did nothing noticeable except be a strong defensive
presence. A strong offensive presence on the scoresheet would have been nice,
but Hamrlik did his job.

Andrei Markov:

A non-descript game in his
own end, an adequate game in their end, and a frustrating game on the powerplay.
Say what you want about players not moving (and you’d be right), and say what
you want about not shooting enough (and you’d be right), but there’s plenty of
blame to be passed to the quarterback who generates nothing 9 times out of 10.

Alex Henry:

 He knew what he was
brought up to do, and even held his own against Shawn Thornton. Unfortunately,
his best shift was his first one. Henry bumbled both giving and receiving
passes, and needed to follow up his big fight with more physicality. Unless
Carbonneau decides Bouillon needs to sit a game, I don’t expect Henry will play
again, even with Gorges out.

Francis Bouillon:

He had two weak giveaways
in the first, and was stripped of the puck on the PK during what should have
been a routine clear. It’s been said by many, and I won’t break from the pack:
it’s time for Bouillon to sit a game or two.  

Mike Komisarek:

His weak giveaway led to the first goal, and it was a ridiculously lousy play.
He even screened Price after giving up the puck. Going into the 2nd with a lead
could have changed the whole game. Allowing a goal late in a period is
deflating, and the blame is solely on Komisarek. He battled hard afterwards and
had a beauty hipcheck in the 3rd, but nothing changed the complexion of the game
like his mistake.


Robert Lang:

The shot was phenomenal,
and I really wish he’d shoot more on the powerplay, even if it’s a bad angle. He
just seems to be one of the only players this season that gets the bounces and
the luck. If his injury is as serious as has been initially reported, it will be a big blow to a struggling team.

Tom Kostopoulos:

Crashed the net twice, and
it actually sparked some emotion from the team. If only more players followed
his lead… 

Andrei Kostitsyn:

Lang’s shot was gorgeous,
but Andrei’s screen was the key to the goal. Unfortunately, Kostitsyn ended the
game badly, as he lost the puck at the most inopportune time, giving the Bruin
an easy empty net goal. There’s been a lot of talk about Montreal not having a
defensive coach, but if they have a plan for gaining the zone with an empty net,
well, it’s a bad one.

Chris Higgins:

His PK work is excellent, and he’s really finding a niche in outworking guys for
breakaways. I’m still not sure what happened to the Chris Higgins of 2 seasons
ago. The Habs could use that guy right now.

Tomas Plekanec:

He tried to play big, he really did. He had the most shots on the team, he went
into corners to dig for pucks, and he skated like he cared. Once again though,
Tomas ended the game empty handed. You have to feel his frustration.

Guillaume Latendresse:

Apparently he had 6 hits.
Honestly, I didn’t notice him till he got injured. I’ll trust the stats sheet
and give him points for playing physical against the B’s, but when he’s the one
being pushed into the boards and getting injured, I can’t help but think it
should be him doing the pushing.

Max Pacioretty:

Anyone else notice that
Max spends a lot of time belly down to the ice? I’m not saying he’s a diver (I
thought that call in the Los Angeles game was bogus) but for a power forward in
development, he’s not all that strong on his skates.

Maxim Lapierre:

Absolutely abysmal in the
faceoff circle at 20%. Lapierre was also offensively vacant. His lone notable
achievement was outworking Chara and stripping the puck off him, which doesn’t
happen that often.

Saku Koivu:
hit on the PK, but non-existent on the scoresheet. No points, no shots, not even
any missed shots! For a team fighting for an identity, Koivu sure ain’t helping.  

Matt D’Agostini:

Like Latendresse, I didn’t really notice him until he got injured. He’s really
starting to make me miss Tanguay.       

Sergei Kostitsyn:

In his response game to
being benched, Sergei did…nothing. Nothing at all. He l
ost battles on
the boards, and played with timidity. Sergei, Grabovski can’t play on every
team. Play like you care every time!

Alex Kovalev:

There is nothing more to be said than what every hockey analyst on every sports
channel has been saying.
Kovalev was useless, and the benching was a long time coming. Unfortunately, he
didn’t even respond to it.   



Once again, the simple
play led to the goal. But how many times are the Habs going to do it right, only
to do it wrong for the rest of the night?

Penalty Kill:

Boston didn’t look dangerous at all the whole time on the man advantage. The
PK has been a consistent bright spot during an inconsistent season.