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The unpredictable occurred. Hossa is a penguin, Ryder is still a Hab and the most surprising of all, Cristobal Huet is a Washington Capital. Nobody on this planet could have predicted what transpired on NHL trade deadline day.

A day most Canadians had locked in their brains for the last few months, trade discussions swirling around offices, dinner tables, locker rooms, NHL trade talk is a hot topic no matter what province you reside in. Local Radio and TV stations continuously giving analysis on big names and potential moves, the average hockey fan expects nothing less. The possibilities were endless leading up to February 26th, Lecavalier a Hab? Hossa a Hab? Dan Boyle? Petr Forsberg? Tanguay? Sundin? Richards?

The reality is nobody really knew what was going to evolve except the general managers themselves. In essence, that’s what hockey fans truly love, the suspense of trade deadline day. Its similar to watching a game 7 playoff matchup, the outcome is unpredictable…or super bowl 42 for that matter. It defies what sports is all about; no scripts, no actors, just game…

If you follow the Montreal Canadians, you woke up on February 26th expecting Marian Hossa to be a Hab by 3pm. Why? Because every where you turned it seemed like it was a realistic possibility or in some papers, already done. Imagine, a proven superstar in his prime to play with the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, it almost seemed to good to be true, and in retrospect, it was.

Atlanta Thrashers GM Don Waddell is a smart man and he wanted some substance for his hockey club, understandably so. It would of cost Montreal a lot in return and GM Bob Gainey became reluctant, probably keeping in mind his Montreal Canadiens with their current roster, are within striking distance of being a top the Eastern Conference, something he most likely never would of foreseen.

On the flipside, a 2nd rounder for a starting goaltender, is questionable. However, Gainey could have been a step ahead of us all this time, considering the idea of pushing Price to bring out the best in a 20 year-old who has accomplished so much in such little time. A 5-1 win vs. the Thrashers is a healthy start…

In Gainey we trust…..