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The Montreal Canadiens used their second round pick in 2007 (43rd overall)

to fill a need on defense and drafted P.K. Subban from the Ontario Hockey

League’s Belleville Bulls. Most fans and media assumed it was for his offensive

threat from the blueline, but as we have found out, his positive outlook,

determination, and confidence are also factors that the Canadiens have been

impressed with, and hope might rub off on other players in the dressing room in

the near future.

Subban is very quick and explosive on the ice, but he is just as quick to smile,

sign autographs, and answer questions from fans off the ice; making him an

immediate fan favorite, and all around good guy.

When I asked recently if he

would take some time to answer some questions from the fans at Habsworld, it

was no surprise that his response was an immediate and energetic “Of course, I’d

love to do it!”

Thank you to all who wrote in with questions.

HW – Your father is from Jamaica; have you ever visited Jamaica? If so,

How do people there react to your love of hockey and the fact that you’re pursuing

a hockey career?

Subban – Well I’ve never been to Jamaica, but I’m sure the people there

would support me in whatever I decide to pursue.

HW – How do you manage to stay so positive all the time?

Subban – I have the desire to be a champion and the best player/person I

can be, and the only way to continue to get better is to stay positive. That’s how, in

my opinion, you become a winner.

HW – How was your camp experience and who did you connect with the


Subban – The experience at camp was great. Aside from getting dressed in

Montreal’s dressing room, being in the bell center, and seeing the pictures of

some of the greatest players ever. Meeting this years draft picks and returning

players was pretty special. It was just really fortunate that we had so many great

guys in camp.

HW – How did your father react when you got drafted by his favourite

team? What were his first words?

Subban – It was a special moment, probably the best moment of my life so

far. He was pretty happy. I think I noticed it the most though because he was right

beside me when I got picked. He gave me a big hug and said “this is just the

beginning, and I’m so proud of you”. It wasn’t just an amazing time for my dad and

I, but for my whole family.

HW – What is the first expensive thing your going to buy after signing your

1st NHL contract ?

Subban – I’m not to sure. I’m not trying to think that far ahead yet. I’m just

trying to focus on improving and getting better every day. What I’m going to buy

when I sign really isn’t my main focus right now.

HW –Were you told to work on any part of your game by the Canadiens


Subban – Yes. Basically just to get faster in all area’s and continue to

work on my explosive power.

HW – What are your thoughts about possibly being converted into a

forward in the future (ala Mark Streit)?

Subban – If that’s what it takes to help the team win, then that’s what I will


HW – Anyone that has seen you play knows you have a defensive aspect to

your game. Where do you think this reputation for poor defense came from?

Subban – I’m not sure but I’m just like every other 18 year old that was

drafted, they all need to work on their defensive game, so it doesn’t bother me.

People will always have something to talk about in your game, so why waste

energy on defending it. I have a lot of things to work on, whether it be my offensive

or defensive game, there is room for improvement in any area.

HW – What is the significance of your jersey number?

Subban – Well my first year in the OHL, Tom Frator and I where discussing

what number I would use, and he told me to wear number 6 for the round that I

was drafted in. It actually helped me because before every game I would look at

that number and it reminded me that I had to prove myself every night.

HW – After witnessing some of the competition at the development camp,

are you still as confident on your chances of making the team quickly?

Subban – Of course, that will never change. I’m still confident in my

abilities and I’m certain that I will continue to leave a positive impression on

people. All I control is how I play or the shape I’m in, not if I make the team or not.

HW – In your opinion, what do you think you need to work on to take your

game to the NHL level?

Subban –Really, it’s not my opinion that matters. Really it’s what Montreal

thinks I have to work on to make the jump, and I’ll do whatever it takes.

HW – What goals have you set for yourself in 07/08?

Subban – To help my team win a championship wherever I end up.

HW – How difficult was it growing up a Hab fan in Leaf country


Subban – (Laughs) It wasn’t difficult at all. Maybe it’s different when you

play hockey.

HW – What current NHL player do you pattern your game after or try to play

like, and why?

Subban – I like to pattern my game after Scott Niedermayer, but with a little

more of a physical edge to it because he is the complete package.

HW – Who do you most look forward to having an opportunity to playing

with (as a teammate or defense partner) on the Habs?

Subban – I’m really looking forward to playing with Montreal’s captain

Saku Koivu. He has inspired a lot of people with the way he has battled through

adversity in his life. The impression he has had on me, really reflects the type of

person I am today.

HW – What NHL team (or player) do you most look forward to playing


Subban –Sidney Crosby, because I look forward to challenging him one on


HW – Which forward was the most difficult to play against at the habs

development camp?

Subban –I couldn’t pick just one player. Everyone was difficult, but I was


HW – How important has your family been to your hockey career?

Subban – Without my family I’m positive I wouldn’t be here today or in this

situation. They have been so positive and supportive.

Personal Profile

Q – How do you like to spend your free time?

Subban – Training, it takes up most if not all my free time.

Q – What is your favorite Music group/singer?

Subban – I don’t have a favorite music group/singer, but my favorite artist

is Tupac.

Q – What is your favorite movie?

Subban – I have two, 300 and Troy.

Q – What is your favorite food?

Subban – My favorite food is any West Indian Dish.

Q – What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Subban – Watching people give up.

Q – What do your teammates tease you about the most?

Subban – The fact I’m 18 and I don’t have my G1. (beginner drivers license in


Q – Do you have a nickname?

Subban – Subbanator, Subbz, Subby, Regg, P.Kizzle. (laughing hard)

Q – If you didn’t play hockey, what would be your dream job?

Subban – A Coach, General Manager, Scout, agent, Sports Analyst or an

educator of some kind.

Q – What was your first hockey related christmas present?

Subban – A Picture of me skating.

Q – Are you superstitious, or do you have any pregame rituals?

Subban – Not really. If I do have one, the minute I play poorly I get rid of it.

Q – Who is your best friend in hockey?

Subban – My best friend in hockey is Kam Brothers. (he runs the PASS

program hockey school)

Thanks for taking the time to do this P.K., it will be fun to follow your progress

from here on out.