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The 2007 Stanley Cup Finals have begun and the HabsWorld collaborators are once again putting their picks and thoughts on the line.

You may find all of the predictions below, broken down by each match-up. Also, the team and number of games most commonly selected by the group is highlighted as the "HabsWorld Pick".

For the final picks, collaborators will be awarded five points for choosing
the correct Stanley Cup Winner and three points for selecting the right number
of games regardless who wins. 

Here are the standings after the the second and third round followed by the
Stanley Cup Final predictions:


Collaborator Points
B. La Rose 23
Matthew Macaskill 21
Matt Godbout 20
HabsWorld Pick 20
Jason Pardy 18
Matt Gauthier 17
G. Logan 17
Jonathan Rebelo 16
Norman Szcyrek 16
Jason Brisebois 15
Eric B. 12
x-A Concerned Fan 11

*Maximum points possible after the third round: 34

x-No Picks made for 2nd/3rd Round


2. Anaheim vs. 4. Ottawa

Eric B. – ANA in 7
Jason Brisebois – OTT in 6
Matt Gauthier – OTT in 5
Matt Godbout – OTT in 6
B. La Rose – ANA in 7
G. Logan – ANA in 7
Matthew Macaskill – ANA in 7
Jason Pardy – OTT in 6
Norman Szcyrek – ANA in 7

HabsWorld Pick: ANA in 7

Eric B. – [ANA in 7]: Let’s face it, four of the last five Stanley Cup finals have gone to seven games. This series will continue that trend of 7 games, as these teams match up quite evenly. The Sens have the best forward line in the series, but the Ducks seem to have more overall depth at forward. On the rear guard, it is the Ducks who have a pair of future Hall of Famers, while the Sens seem to have more depth. Thus, this series will likely come down to goaltending, where former Conn Smythe winner JS Giguere clearly has the edge over Ray Emery. Go Ducks!

Brisebois – [OTT in 6]: Like much of the nation, I am jumping on the Sens’ bandwagon. I have witnessed failure after failure for the Senators, and have heard the constant blame put on Alfredsson.
I am rallying behind them though, hoping for the Cup to finally return north. I
think that this is finally their year for several reasons.

The first is confidence. I don’t think I have ever seen Ottawa play with
the same intensity that they are playing with right now.

Also, I am under the assumption that Anaheim is somewhat fatigued. They
have traveled great distances in the past few months, to the likes of Minnesota,
Calgary and Detroit. Now compare that to the Ottawa Senators, who have traveled
less then half the distance. Their previous opponents were all located in the
North-Eastern US.

Either way, it is sure to be interesting series. Here’s hoping the
drought will finally come to an end.

Godbout – [OTT in 6]: I fully expect the Sens to lose game one in this series as the NHL had a major brain malfunction and made an enormous layoff for both teams. This is the longest delay since the playoffs were postponed in 1968 due to the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination.

After the first game I expect the Senators to have their legs back and an idea of what Anaheim is all about. Spezza, Heatley, and Alfredsson are almost unstoppable, but they have not faced a defense combo anywhere near the talents of Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer.

Goaltending is where this series will be won. Giggy is as sound as anyone in the game technically and positionally
but his lateral movement is horrendous and Ottawa will look to expose this fault
at every opportunity (they do it naturally anyway).

The series should be low scoring but both teams can shoot the lights out
if necessary.

Logan – [ANA in 7]: This will be the most delicious series yet, with the All-Star line of Heatley, Spezza and Alfredsson up against Norris-candidate Ds, Pronger and Neidermayer. These hockey behemoths will clash in a battle not seen since Zeus banished Atlas to carry the world on his shoulder. A second storyline will be about a Chara-less defense defending a surprising Ray Emery against the flashy Finnish forward and his crew of future flabbergasters. Alliteration be damned. But the deciding factor in this series will be defensive forwards like Pahlsson and Moen, and offensive defensemen like Corvo and Preissing, who have surprised many with their playoff contributions. If they can continue to score, the series will come down to them. I’d prefer Ottawa to win in 6, but I have a feeling there’ll be a questionable call that game that will cost them the Cup, from which they’ll never recover.

Macaskill – [ANA in 7]: It is my belief that the Ottawa Senators will meet their match when they face the Anaheim Ducks in the 2007 Stanley Cup Final. Ottawa’s success has been driven by the team’s top line of Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley, and Jason Spezza. Anaheim may be the only team in the playoffs with the right combination of defensemen and checking forwards to shut down the offensive force that is the Senators.

Szcyrek – [ANA in 7]: There’s no denying that the Senator’s big line of Spezza, Heatley & Alfredsson has put up big numbers. Anaheim has had a more balanced attack. Both sides have had stalwart efforts from their defencemen, but Anaheim has a slight edge with their 1-2 punch of Pronger & Niedermayer. Both team’s goalies have played excellent. I’m concerned that Otttawa is relying too much on one line for their scoring, and if Anaheim finds a way to neutralize them, then their better balanced offence will prevail for them. Expect a very hard fought series.

Here is a bit of NHL trivia that gives Ottawa the edge to win. Since the NHL began, when the Stanley Cup final has been in a year ending in 7, either Detroit or a Canadian team has won.