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Dear fellow Habs Fans! Here are some updates about your HabsWorld forum.

First forum advertisement

The forum, which opened on May 12, 2003, now has more than 1300 members. As we continue to grow, our need for better and larger hosting services is also increasing. The project was created by, and for, Habs Fans, and we want you to be sure that the Habs fans that are managing this website and forum have absolutely no intention of making any profit from HabsWorld. We face normal expenses associated with the good functioning of a website like ours and we have now put our first advertisement on the forum. We have been very proud to be able to run the forum without any annoying publicity. Hopefully, the little Google ads will be good enough to help cover our costs and will be relevant to us. Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions concerning this idea.

New moderating team

HabsWorld’s success is due to the impressive general harmony between members. Thanks to the many regular posters who help carry a positive attitude. It’s normal that sometimes there are disagreements and maybe little fights, as well as funny (and not-so funny) bots, simultaneously started threads and other things that requires the presence of our moderators. They are here to keep the forum alive and running smoothly. Here is your moderating team for 2006-07:

alexstream Montreal
dlbalr Ontario
Fanpuck33 Ohio
huzer Colorado
JeanLucPilon Japan
KoZed Quebec
simonus Indiana

New Forums in French!

To accomodate our large French audience and to encourage discussion on the great articles of our French writers, we are pleased to announce today the opening of a new French sub-forum. The moderators below will be in charge of the French forum.

alexstream Montreal
KoZed Quebec
simonus Indiana

Thanks to all of you and hopefully we’ll enjoy a great season.. and the longest playoffs possible!

HabsWorld.net Administration