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Day #3 Whites win 8-3

This will be the last of my Pierrefonds reports, as I am unavailable to attend the practice on Saturday, even if I am available for the practice, the arena will likely be jam-packed with fans which would make it difficult to get a good view of the action. Many, many people attended todays practice, and I can only imagine what Saturday will be like.


The camp schedule was the same today as its been the past 2 days, a practice before the game to get warmed up, followed by the game (2 halfs, on 2 separate rinks) followed by another practice for one of the groups, or a goalie session.

The game (rosters)

1-0 Whites: Koivu steals the puck from Hainsey (sloppy mistake) goes in alone on Danis and beats him with a wrister.

2-0 Whites: I’m pretty sure Vandermeer scored on a deflection. It could of also of been Lambert. Either way, good work by Vandermeer in front of the net.

2-1 Reds score: Souray with his trademark goal, a slapshot from the left point, beats Theodore cleanly. Its nice to see Souray showing accuracy and power in his shot again.

3-2 Reds score: Marcel Hossa scores with a nice shot.

4-2 Whites score: Higgins with the goal (which I missed) after a suburb shift from the Higgins-Koivu-Perezhogin line, this line has consistently been the best line in every game, they are dangerous every time they hit the ice.

Hits: Lapierre got a good hit on Kovalev which sent Kovy to the ice. Hainsey had a very nice open ice hit on Higgins at centre ice.

— End of first half —

Sorry, no summary for the 2nd half. When I switched rinks during the intermission I found that the crowd was standing room only (5 rows deep) for the 2nd half. I could hardly see a thing. The final score ended up being 8-3 whites. I’m pretty sure that either Kostitsyn or Latendresse scored a goal in the 2nd half.

After the game the teams held a shootout, which unfortunately I also missed.

Final Score (unconfirmed) 8-3 Whites

Some thoughts…

– Kostitsyn looked much better then in days 1 and 2, mainly because he’s being much less selfish then before and actually passing the puck around. He still has a ways to go.

– Perezhogin was again very impressive, he always seems to find an open spot for himself on the ice. He wants a spot on the Habs roster badly, and if he keeps playing the way he is he’s going to get it. Much of the same can be said about Higgins. These two should make the habs roster.

– The goalies all look very sharp, Halak and Michaud have especially come a long way since when I reported on them last at the 04 rookie camp.

– Kovalev/Koivu/Ribeiro/Theodore were again the top performing veterens. Koivu turned his game up a notch today, the rust from day-1 is long gone.

– At the end of the practice Mike Komisarek gave his stick to a little boy, it was nice to see… But I’ll admit I was a bit jealous (wish I was a little boy). :)

Again, I’m very sorry about the shortness of my report. It was impossible to see anything because of the size of the crowd today. To make it up to you I’ll post a few extra pictures.