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Another contract, another one year deal. Only this time, it was the captain re-signing for just one season. No word yet on whether or not he’s simply accepted his qualifying offer, but Saku Koivu is locked up under contract and ready to go.

With Koivu signing for one year, he can become an Unrestricted Free Agent at the end of the year. It’s an interesting situation. With the Habs having locked up Kovalev for four years, it would make sense to have the duo that lit up the playoffs play together for a longer period of time. However, we’re not sure how the pair will play in a full 82-game season.

With Kovalev to his right, it’s a good bet that the Habs captain could have a big time offensive year. In fact, if both players are healthy, it could be a very, very fun year. Healthy being the key word in that last sentence. Health is certainly a question mark surrounding Saku. Is Gainey willing to commit long term to a guy who has in the past had injury concerns? I certainly hope so. In the case of Saku, let’s just say the past was theirs and the future is his. Still young at just 30 years of age, a more wide open, goal oriented game will benefit him and his teammates.

After all, what Koivu has gone through with the Habs these past few years is remarkable. He’s dealt with the good and the bad, in terms of players and results, and given absolutely everything he’s got shift, after shift, after shift. Look up the word courage in a dictionary and you will see a sweater with the number 11 on it, framed by the red, white, and blue of the Habs.

He is respected throughout the league as captain of the winningest franchise in NHL history. He is adored throughout his homeland as captain of their consistently competitive national team. Here’s to a good year from #11, and many more years of him making that big play at the big time.

No need to go looking for a new captain when we already have one of the best, folks.

Habs Sign Hossa

Marcel Hossa is a player who should be up for a very interesting season. One thing we know is that he must clear waivers to be sent to Hamilton. With that said, expect him to be in Montreal this year. There are holes up front which definitely need filling. Can Hossa maintain an every day spot in the lineup? Only time will tell.

Hossa has all of the tools to be an effective player. It is now up to him to work his hardest each and every night and let it be known that he deserves a spot in the team’s plans. If Hossa is willing to give his highest effort each and every night, then perhaps with a little seasoning he would be a good fit alongside Radek Bonk and Jan Bulis on the third line.

The 24-year-old can score goals, there’s no denying that. He put 18 pucks in the back of the net while playing in Europe during the lockout. When and where he gets the opportunity to once again display that scoring touch remains to be seen.