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Talk about a nice day to be a Habs fan. While we fell short of that near impossible (or so it seemed) stroke of luck that it would’ve taken to land Sidney Crosby, there is no doubt that Bob Gainey and Co. are sitting very pretty heading into the draft. Montreal will pick fifth, a delight that nearly nobody could’ve predicted.

And, though it seemed that entering the draft lottery, our shot at a high pick wasn’t exactly looking all that nice, good fortune was on the side of the CH.

As countless teams faded outof the top-picksweepstakes, slowly one began to wonder whether maybe, just maybe, Mr. Crosby could fall into our hands. In the end, it was not to be.

However, you can count on Mr. Gainey smiling all the way up to this evenings press conference, where he is to address the media surrounding the upcoming season and whatever else maybe in store for our boys. To walk out with a nearly perfect selection spot heading into the upcoming draft will surely mean that the Habs will be adding a very nice prospect to their already steady supply.

Please be sure to stay tuned to habsworld.net for a look at the draft, and more specifically some of the names that maybe available when it comes time for the Canadiens to make their first selection.