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Welcome to the 2nd HW annual NHL Entry Draft Pool!

Rules : Fill out the form (picks 1-15 + the 2nd , 3rd rounds for YOUR team) either pick a player from the list provided OR (if he’s not on the list) write-in your own choice by selecting “WRITE-IN” from the drop-down box and then writing in his name in the text field. 1 entry per person, pool registration closes the midnight before the draft.

Scoring :
Picks 1-5 : 2 points
Picks 6-10 : 4 points
Picks 11-15 : 6 points
Habs 18th and 2nd/3rd Round : 10 points

Prizes : Winner gets bragging rights plus his/her name will be printed on a “contest winners” page.

WARNING : Fill out the form CORRECTLY! We will NOT manually fix your errors. Be sure to double check your entry before submitting (Make sure you havent picked a player twice or forgotten a pick)

HW Official Entry Form
Your Name

Your E-Mail

    (CSB TOP) Write-ins
1 Washington
2 Pittsburgh
3  Chicago
4  Columbus
5 Phoenix
6  NY Rangers
7  Florida
8  Carolina
9 Anaheim
10  Atlanta
11  Los Angeles
12  Minnesota
13  Buffalo
14 Edmonton
18 Montreal


Registration is closed! Good lock to all participants