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The Habs have lost two in a row, and we are not happy. Our playoff security has been put on hold, and it seems the statistics of our favourite players have tumbled down the drain. On the other hand, a win tonight in Boston against those Big Bad Bruins, and not only would our post-season birth be clinched, but those big fat frowns would surely be turned upside down.


Sheldon Souray is becoming accustomed to life on the sidelines, or so it seems. It’s really quite frustrating to have the big man viewing the action from the Press Box, but I’m sure he’s feeling the itch to play, too. He’ll miss yet another contest tonight due to injury.


He’s looked rather ordinary since that pain in the knee of his, but we all knew it was only a matter of time before he clicked back into his normal self. Look for Big Sheldon to be back in action Tuesday, although if he’s not 100%, I hope to god that Coach Claude gives him a wee bit more rest.


From the defence to the offence, how about Alex Kovalev. His skill is incredible and so is his attitude. He is still not producing huge amounts of offence, but that translates into a reason to deliver the treatment he received on Thursday. At times, a pocket of foolish fans thought that by booing Kovalev they could a little more out of him. Uh huh, okay folks. Here we have a superstar who loves the city, loves the team, and loves our postseason chances.


Unfortunately, a few weiners may have just ruined something special in that. Let’s hope that he comes to play yet again tonight, production would be a bonus as long as he’s working hard. Luckily for him, the Bruins don’t really have any fans, so there won’t be anyone to boo him.


As for our opposition tonight, what more can there be said about Andrew Raycroft. The 23-year-old goalie is a good one. Unfortunately for the young netminder, he is employed by the Bruins, so his chances at post-season success look slim. However, he is a bonafide Calder Candidate, and even the most statistic-loving, die-hard Bruin fan will tell you he is a Vezina Candidate, too.


Along with our very own star rookie, #73, Raycroft is, to say the least, having a stellar year. With Ryder at 60 points, and Raycroft having saved the Bruins from losing about 60 points, the race for the prize is going to be a good one. For now, though, it’s safe to say both young guys are just focused on winning, and now.


The Bruins have the Sens and Leafs breathing down their necks, while at the same time they are looking at potentially overtaking the Flyers and Lightning at the top of the conference. Surely for Boston, hitting the 100-point mark would be a nice accomplishment, too.


Unless Pierre Dagenais unplugged his brain and rifled a shot at Jose Theodore during practice, expect Theo to see the crease tonight as we look for our 41st victory. And, what a victory it would be. Bruins lose, Habs win. Wouldn’t that make for a sweet post-game headliner?